Maurice Adams

Maurice Adams – Achieving Excellence Through Responsible Management of Strategies and Capacity Development

Maurice Adams is an experienced business executive, leader, consultant, and trusted advisor with 15 years’ experience working across sectors (NGO, UN, Govt, faith-based organizations commercial) roles (leading and consulting) and countries (Africa). Drawing upon this wealth of experience and knowledge he helps leaders to achieve excellence through responsible management of strategies and capacity development.

Early Life and Education

Maurice Adams was born December 24th 1975 in Little Rock Arkansas and quickly made an impression upon those around him as being special and ambitious from day one.

He had an affinity for fashion, creating floral arrangements and clothing designs. Additionally, his unique style allowed him to provide assistance when decorating church sanctuary for special events or weddings!

Maurice enjoyed fashion as well as listening to music and dancing, watching Lawrence Welk, Gunsmoke, NCIS, Dukes of Hazzard and Law & Order series as well as Lawrence Welk on YouTube.

Maurice was an active member of Vincentown Grange #67 where he held many offices. Additionally, he had served as Past New Jersey State Grange Deputy as well as being honored as an 8th degree member by National Grange.

Professional Career

Maurice Adams has found great inspiration from meeting people of various cultures during his professional journey, which has allowed him to amass an extensive wealth of experiences and skills that are now applied in his consulting practice.

Studies of Law and Philosophy of Law were completed at Maastricht (the Netherlands), Leuven (Belgium) and Oxford (UK) Universities before graduating with a PhD at Leuven.

After finishing his studies, he became a professor of law at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and specialized in both jurisprudence and comparative law. Additionally, he advised the Belgian parliament on end-of-life regulation as well as legislative evaluation issues, publishing extensively in leading law journals while being elected member of Academie Internationale de droit compare.

Achievement and Honors

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Achievements, on the other hand, are typically quantifiable and demonstrate your effort in going above and beyond to make a positive difference in your company or community.

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Personal Life

Maurice Adams dedicated his life to informing others on their rights and responsibilities and supporting efforts that empower individuals to help themselves. He was particularly dedicated to children’s education; believing all children deserve access to quality learning environments with equal chances for success.

He actively promoted environmental preservation and sustainable growth initiatives, helping create and promote The CT River Green&BlueWay corridor from Middletown to Old Saybrook that provides scenic, recreational, and touristic benefits to local communities along the CT River.

He is survived by his wife Barbara Elliott Adams; daughters Maria Roach (and Justice John Roach of Lexington Kentucky) and Laura Adams Stover (and Charles Andrew Stover III of Houston Texas); Dorsey Barger with Susan Hausmann from Austin Texas; Pam Barger from Seattle Washington (and Barbara Marino as partner); Duncan Barger who lives with Holly Littlefield Barger from Tega Cay South Carolina (also deceased);

Net Worth

Maurice Adams was born in Tyler, Smith County, Texas on May 24th 1864 to George Adams and Sarah Adams and became one of their sons. Maurice would go on to serve his community through humanitarianism as well as being elected state representative before passing away after an extended illness and being laid to rest at Oakwood Cemetery in Fort Worth in 1923.

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