Maxie On Gh Weight Gain

General Hospital Weight Gain – Is Kirsten Pregnant?

General Hospital fans have been concerned about Kirsten Storms’ weight gain. The actress has been cast in the role of Maxie Jones since 2005. While the character has made it through many dark moments, she has also overcome many health challenges. So, fans have wondered if Maxie is pregnant. But now, it appears that there is no evidence of pregnancy.

In fact, the only real indication that the actress is pregnant is a baby bump she has staged. However, there are still many questions regarding the actor’s health. Aside from the fact that she has been dating singer Elias Paul Reidy, there is no indication that Kirsten is currently expecting. It seems that she may be taking time to focus on her health.

The actress also recently underwent a brain surgery, and fans are curious to know if she has a better recovery than they are. Kirsten has not revealed much information about her health, and she has not discussed the situation on social media. She did, however, make a pre-operation video.

If the actress does have a healthier outlook on her situation, she may be able to return to General House sooner than later. However, she could be absent for a few weeks. Although, she will be home with an at-home nurse. For now, she is in good spirits and looking forward to a successful recovery.

One of the main reasons why “General Hospital” fans are concerned about the actress’s weight is because she was previously married. While the actress is not currently married, she and her ex-husband Brandon Barash did co-parent their daughter, Harper Rose. This is likely one of the reasons why the actress has gained a lot of weight.

It is also worth noting that Maxie has been diagnosed with the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which means she has lost a lot of weight due to psychological problems. At least, that’s the official explanation.

But the true test of her health is probably how she deals with the negative comments made about her weight. Some people are being downright offensive. Others are simply stating the obvious. When Kirsten Storms gained weight, many “GH” fans commented that her outfit was out of date. Still, the actress did the right thing and responded to the many suggestions that she was not healthy.

Although the actress may not be as healthy as she once was, she is in good spirits about the experience. And if she takes some time to focus on her health, her story will eventually take a back seat. Until then, fans can hope that Kirsten will be able to return to the show.

As far as the Maxie on GH baby thing goes, the actress has denied being pregnant. However, it is true that she has been accused of being the reason why Lucky Spencer became addicted to pills. Several Port Charles residents have criticized the actress for this.

But in the end, the GH is still one of the best soaps on television. And the cast is still huge.

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