Mega Deck Challenge Best Deck

Mega Deck Challenge – How to Build the Best Deck for the Mega Deck Challenge

Mega Deck Challenge is a competitive game where players compete against each other to build the best deck. A winning deck is based on the cost of the elixirs in the deck, and it’s important to consider how much your deck can cost. This will determine how many cards you should have. Some of the cards that you can include in your deck are spells, tanks, and splash damage dealers.

The Mega Deck Challenge is an exciting new way to test your skills at building the best 18-card battle deck. This new format features many elements that are unique to the game. It also gives players a better chance to win more rewards. The challenge is unique in that you can choose your deck before a match starts, giving you plenty of time to build the best deck.

Among other things, a high-DPS unit is important in Mega Deck Challenge. A high-DPS unit will help to stifle your opponents’ attack and defense. You can choose cards that work well together to maximize your offensive potential. For example, a tanky card like the Mega Knight can be used to protect other units. A spell like the Electro wizard can deal massive damage to an enemy’s tower.

Another powerful card is the Balloon. This card can deal decent damage to towers and can support any attack plan you want. Be sure to use it effectively. Another powerful support card is the Royal Ghost, which can deal with the Goblin Gang or Miners. A bat card is also a useful addition to this deck.

While the Zap deck doesn’t have spell damage, it can damage low HP towers. However, it doesn’t have enough spell damage. It’s difficult to take out a tower with a single spell. However, Firecracker can work well with this deck, especially when combined with the Magic Archer. Firecracker also has Log/Arrow bait potential. The Magic Archer can work with Zap, but it lacks spell damage.

Among the other good decks, the electric wizard is the best option. Using electric wizard in a combo with ice, poison, and graveyard is a powerful move that can withstand three basic victory conditions. So, if you want to dominate the game, consider this deck. When you’re deciding which deck to build, remember to consider the pros and cons of each deck.

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