Melvin Daniel

Melvin Daniel – A Man of Many Hats

Melvin brings extensive municipal law experience, having advised clients on all matters concerning local governments and advising clients regarding all issues pertaining to them. Furthermore, he has trial and jury work expertise.

Melvin Daniel has worn many hats throughout his career: FFA instructor, county agent, cattle farmer and agricultural teacher to name just a few. No sign yet that Melvin plans on retiring his many roles anytime soon!

Early Life and Education

Melvin Daniel was an extraordinary individual who touched many lives. As an educator, mentor, role model, inspiration and encourager he played an invaluable role in their development as individuals as well as colleagues.

He was an accomplished author, screenwriter, and actor in blaxploitation films; one of his early examples being 1971’s Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song.

His legacy includes being an attentive family man and loving father/grandfather. He married Dorothy Howard and they had one son together; in addition, he served four years in the US Army as a paratrooper before rejoining his wife Dorothy Howard at Center Fork Missionary Baptist Church as an active member.

Professional Career

Melvin Daniel was renowned for his diverse professional experiences: police officer, investigative security professional and business owner. Additionally, he served on both boards for ASIS Hawaii Chapter and Hawaii Visitor Industry Security Association.

He served as a role model, mentor and inspiration to an astounding number of students, peers and community members. Additionally, he was beloved husband and father, devoted family man and devout member of Center Fork Missionary Baptist Church.

Over his 33-year career as an agricultural educator, Mr. Bender created multiple state winning teams in various contests and helped produce many FFA officers as well as an American FFA degree recipient. Even after retirement, his passion and servant heart remain undiminished – he remains active at Lake Hamilton FFA Farm as well as Garland County 4-H by coaching judging teams and mentoring students.

Achievement and Honors

Melvin was an exceptional husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to many. A longtime member of Center Fork Missionary Baptist Church in Texas. A lover of agriculture who enjoyed raising pigs. Melvin would spend many nights outside his makeshift pig pen keeping an eye on their progress before going back inside for bedtime.

He won many accolades during his lifetime, such as being honored as an FFA alumnus with Honorary Chapter FFA Degree and Honorary State FFA Degree awards. Additionally, the Lake Hamilton School District will name their future school farm “The Melvin Daniel Lake Hamilton FFA Farm” in his memory.

In his free time, he enjoyed collecting John Deere tractors and watching Cardinals baseball games, as well as playing Euchre with friends. He will always be remembered fondly for his warm smile and gentle mannerism.

Personal Life

Melvin Daniel was a dedicated husband and father. Additionally, he served as an influential teacher, mentor, role model, encourager and trusted advisor to many students and colleagues at Center Fork Missionary Baptist Church.

He regularly attends medical conferences and workshops to stay abreast of the latest advancements in medicine, and conducts research studies on various health conditions before publishing the results to further expand upon medicine as a discipline.

Personal interests for Melvin include attending baseball games and working daily “Jumbles” puzzles. He is an active member of AFL-CIO and OCAW International as well as fathering two children and three grandchildren. Melvin also founded The Melvin Daniel Lake Hamilton FFA Farm as well as supporting numerous philanthropic causes through charitable organizations he sponsors.

Net Worth

Melvin Daniel was an outstanding husband, father, brother, friend and family man. His work as a role model, encourager and trusted advisor was recognized by numerous people and organizations worldwide. Melvin was a member of Center Fork Missionary Baptist Church in Hot Springs Arkansas.

He made his living from creating entertaining and challenging videos on YouTube, garnering him an enormous fan following on his own channel and working alongside popular YouTube creators such as Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Regina PZ4, and Melvin Ginera.

He earns through advertisements on his videos, YouTube Red subscription, and other monetization programs such as Google Preferred. Furthermore, he promotes various products and brands through his social media channels; additionally he is active as a charity worker supporting cancer patients and orphanages.

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