Metagross Best Nature

Metagross Pokemon Guide – Best Nature and Mega Metagross

The Metagross is a giant robotic Pokemon with a disc-like body and four legs. Its head is huge, and its massive mouth has a metallic cross in the middle. Although it’s not the most visually appealing Pokemon, it can hold its own against a wide variety of attacks.

Metagross’s best nature depends on its stats, but Jolly is a solid choice, as it can help boost the speed of your Metagross. Although Jolly is the most popular choice, Adamant can be a solid choice too, as it boosts attack power.

The Mega Metagross has similar stats to a normal Metagross, but it’s much faster and has great bulk. It’s also immune to Sandstorm, and has no need to use Life Orbs to avoid its weaknesses. Despite the large number of benefits, Mega Metagross’ weakness is its inability to hold a boosting item.

Despite its bulky size, Metagross is an effective physical sweeper with great STAB moves and huge attack stat. It also has a powerful last move, Bullet Punch, which is a great way to finish off weaker sweepers. Its four EVs are placed in Attack, HP, and two of its three other stats – Speed and Special Attack.

Metagross is a Steel/Psychic type Pokemon that can be deadly when used correctly. Combined with its best nature, it is a valuable addition to any team looking for a sweeper. It’s also an excellent addition to any balance team, thanks to its impressive natural bulk.

Metagross evolves from Metang and Beldum. It is a three-stage evolutionary line, and has a max CP of 3791. It’s the signature Pokemon of Hoenn Champion Steven. It appeared in the Ruby/Sapphire game, but is absent in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Metagross has two attacks: Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash. Bullet Punch has high damage and is effective against Fire-type Pokémon. Meteor Mash has high attack power, and is a good move to use on Metagross. It can also learn Earthquake to deal with its weakness to Fire.

While Mega Metagross has several common weaknesses, it can also be used as a counter against Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon. Mega Metagross can hit Dark-types hard, and Mega Sableye and Giratina-O can hit it with their own moves. Shadow Ball can be used to weaken Mega Metagross as well.

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