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Survivor Star Michael Bortone and Aurora Culpo File For Divorce

Survivor star Michael Bortone is currently in the middle of a divorce with actress Aurora Culpo, and it seems that he isn’t the only one who has made mistakes in the relationship. Olivia’s sister, Laura, has recently been diagnosed with diastasis recti, and she has also reportedly told reporters that her marriage to Michael is over. And it seems that the two have different ideas about what a marriage is. And they want joint custody of their children, too.

‘Survivor’ star husband was unfaithful

Survivor Season 16 contestant and now entrepreneur Michael Bortone’s wife Aurora Culpo has officially filed for divorce. According to reports, the couple was married for three years and they have two children. Aurora has filed for joint custody of the children, which is a good move. She has also filed for spousal support, which is an unfortunate necessity in today’s economy. Bortone has cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for his split. The tumultuous marriage is also the result of Bortone’s frequent cheating. He was the fourth castaway eliminated from Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites.

Aurora Culpo is also the eldest of five siblings and grew up in a tightknit Italian family. She used to be a behavioral therapist and is now a self-proclaimed health and beauty guru. She also has a podcast to her credit and has a slew of Instagram followers. On the other hand, Mikey Culpo was an aspiring writer and owned a masonry and chimney business.

Olivia Culpo’s sister has diastasis recti

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They had different ideas of what marriage meant

Survivor star Michael Bortone and Aurora Culpo had a very different understanding of what marriage means. The reality star, who is currently single, filed for divorce from Bortone in April of this year.

After Mikey revealed that he had cheated on Aurora several times during their marriage, Aurora filed for divorce. Mikey, however, cited irreconcilable differences as his reason for filing for divorce.

Mikey, a former aspiring writer and cast member on the 16th season of Survivor, has a history of sexual activity with other women. After a chance encounter with Aurora, he carried on his affairs behind her back.

Aurora and Mikey agreed to have one random hookup a year. However, they continued to go out behind each other’s backs for years after that. They shared an allowance with each other, and Mikey took advantage of this. He even went so far as to ask for spousal support from Aurora.

They want joint custody of their children

Survivor star Michael Bortone and his wife Aurora Culpo want joint custody of their children. The two share two children, Remi and Solei. Aurora and Mikey married in Tulum, Mexico in January 2019. After almost three years of marriage, they decided to separate. Aurora claimed irreconcilable differences were the reason for the split. She filed for a divorce on April 2022.

Aurora Culpo is a blogger and podcast co-host. She is the oldest of five siblings. She was raised in a tight-knit Italian family. She worked in special education for many years. She has also worked as a behavior analyst. She has gained a lot of social media attention. She is also the star of the new TLC series, The Culpo Sisters.

Mikey Bortone was cast on the 16th season of Survivor. He has also appeared in Levi’s and Progressive Auto advertisements. He is a Boston, Massachusetts native. Michael once owned a chimney and masonry business. He attended prep school Maine Central Institute. He was also a student at Actors Circle Theatre.

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