Michael Hayes Net Worth

Michael Hayes has made millions from his professional wrestling career and achieved global fame. To get here he traveled a long path.

He is an active supporter of various social causes and charities, and particularly education.

He is a shareholder of Newell Brands Company and conducted no insider trading transactions within the last 18 months.

Early Life and Education

Hayes has been an influential force in the wrestling world as both an athlete and creative force, garnering him both fame and admirers across all forms of media. Due to his dedication and devotion to wrestling, he has amassed a substantial net worth.

Hayes spends about 100 days of each year travelling for work; during that time he and his wife are actively engaged in community volunteerism. Their son Scott plays competitive ice hockey on an international traveling team while their daughter Heather writes an advice column.

Michael Hayes was born March 29th 1959 in Pensacola, Florida and became known for leading The Fabulous Freebirds wrestling tag team with his ring name being Michael P.S.

Professional Career

Michael Hayes began his professional wrestling career in the late 1970s under Hiro Matsuda’s tutelage and quickly established himself as a fan favorite by winning multiple Mid South Tag Team Championships with Jimmy Garvin and Terry Gordy. Additionally, Michael formed The Fabulous Freebirds group as well as feuding with numerous wrestlers including Lex Luger.

Hayes eventually left Mid South Wrestling for World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), where he continued his success by feuding with Luger and becoming part of The Badstreet Band stable. Hayes even appeared on Pro Wrestling Illustrated cover with his song called “Badstreet USA.”

Hayes is an advocate of environmental conservation and has supported various charities through his work. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Achievement and Honors

Hayes has worked with some of the most revered directors and has earned himself an esteemed reputation as an actor. He continues to expand his repertoire by taking on new roles which showcase his talent and engage audiences.

He is an enthusiastic supporter of arts and education, having established scholarships at Siena College in Greenville, South Carolina and Boston College to honor both of his parents. For nine years he served on Siena’s Board of Associate Trustees; now he sits on their Board of Advisors.

He was a leader in radio and television, holding positions at several prominent broadcasting companies. He received several honors, such as a Peabody Award from the National Association of Broadcasters Service to America Award, and proudly belonged to Siena College Alumni Association.

Personal Life

Hayes is an ardent environmentalist and supports organizations working to preserve our planet. Additionally, he contributes to various philanthropic endeavors while endeavoring to inspire others to take action towards creating a more peaceful world.

Since 1999, this 61-year-old star has served in various backstage capacities with WWE; most recently as creative writer and senior producer. His experience and vast wrestling knowledge make him an invaluable resource.

Hayes is a married father of two children. He’s very active on social media, regularly updating fans about his work, interests and philanthropic efforts – an inspiration figure to many young people – while spending quality time with his family during his free time. Additionally, Hayes boasts a warm personality with a good sense of humor!

Net Worth

Hayes has made his mark as a wrestling superstar, yet his contributions go well beyond the ring. Hayes holds an impressive portfolio as an executive at WTAE TV station in Pittsburgh where he led an overhaul in overall operations as well as revived Chronicle, morning, and late newscasts during his time as president.

Hayes found time for both his musical career and wrestling work despite being so heavily immersed in both fields; frequently performing concerts with the Badstreet Band at Dallas Sportatorium (main venue for World Class matches). Goldstein revealed that Hayes often took any criticism or negative remarks regarding wrestling personally and took them personally himself.

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