Michael Jackson Dangerous Jacket

Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Jacket

Almost a quarter of a century ago, Michael Jackson toured the world in his “Dangerous” World Tour, wearing a dangerous jacket that has become a collector’s item. The jacket is a red leather and suede bomber jacket that features a “Dangerous” World Tour logo on the front. This jacket has been recreated several times, and there are a number of different reproductions available.

Original 1992 Michael Jackson Dangerous World Tour Jacket

During the 1992-93 Dangerous World Tour, Michael Jackson wore a custom-designed costume jacket. It is made from genuine leather, has embroidered logos, and a metallic badge. It features a faux front zipper, a Velcro quick-change front closure, and a molded plastic ammunition belt. The jacket is in good condition, with only a few small markings on the front.

The Dangerous World Tour took place from June 27, 1992 to November 11, 1993. It was sponsored by Pepsi, and included 70 performances. The first two legs of the tour took place in Europe. It was also planned to end in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in November/December 1993. However, due to poor health and accusations against Jackson, the tour was cancelled. The profits from the tour were donated to various charities.

Vintage (1992) Heal The World Dangerous World Tour Crew Member Leather & Suede Red Bomber Jacket

Touted as a gift for the king of the clan, this tuxedo was the epitome of cool and classy. It is still a top notch piece of gear and a worthy contender for the throne for years to come. The dude in question will no doubt be putting it to good use, as will the lady of the hour, and the sextet. The only caveat is the etiquette associated with said mate. The dude is one of the best echelon and is an honours graduate, and in no doubt a worthy successor to the ring. The dude was on his best behavior, and with a snazzy new ring securing his ring in the sands of time, he’s likely to take home the prize.

Michael Bush’s conception of the jacket

During the Dangerous World Tour, Michael Jackson wore a rhinestone-encrusted jacket resembling an American flag. He also wore a black cashmere hussars jacket, adorned with a black braided rope accenting the cuffs and collar. It featured a rhinestone brooch on the front and Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush labels on the interior.

Michael Jackson was a huge fan of corduroy. His personal wardrobe featured a number of jackets made from corduroy. The jacket was reminiscent of military-inspired jackets worn by royalty in Victorian times. It was made from specially treated material to prevent it from burning. It was also wired to be fire retardant, so the fire department was called in for each performance.

Michael Jackson also wore a gold and black spandex leotard during the Dangerous World Tour. He wore white socks adorned with 5,000 rhinestones. He also wore a black spandex glove with three buttons at the wrist.

Cost of the jacket

During Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour, two identical jackets were created. The jacket features a faux military style, a front zipper, multiple leather belts, and an ammunition belt. The jacket also features individually sewn overlapping plates. It is heavily embellished with gold tone metal police shields.

The jacket was worn during the 1992-1993 Dangerous World Tour. It was also worn during the screening of the film ‘Ghosts’. It was also worn to the 65th birthday party of Elizabeth Taylor.

The jacket was sold to a Texas businessman named Milton Verret. He is a philanthropist and has a large rock ‘n roll memorabilia collection. He purchased the jacket at Julien’s auction house in June 2011.

The jacket was sold in December 2011 at auction for a price of $1.8 million. The auction featured a variety of items, including electric guitars played by Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney. The sale of the jacket exceeded expectations.

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