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The Color OD (Olive Drab)

Olive Drab (OD) can be found on military uniforms, paintings and field equipment. This shade of green contains many brown tones.

Complex yellowish-green hues often represent compassion, peace and sophistication – three ideal qualities in military uniforms and equipment as well as webbing. Additionally, camouflage use for military uniforms is common.

Early Life and Education

Military olive or khaki uniforms are the color of choice for many military forces worldwide, providing soldiers with an earthy color to blend in better with their environment and reduce chances of enemy combatants detecting them easily. Israeli, India, Cuban and Venezuelan armies all wear solid-color olive drab uniforms today – even today these armies use solid drab uniforms!

Olive Drab derives its name from combining two words for olive tree and drab. First used by British forces in Abyssinia for camouflaging troops with their environment, the shade later caught on in America with Thomas Wilmer Dewing using it in Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies by Claude Monet as one example of its use.

Professional Career

Military olive is a shade of dark green that is commonly seen used by the United States Armed Forces on uniforms, field equipment and army vehicles. Additionally, this hue can also be seen popularly featured on army clothing from brands like Condor, First Tactical and Helikon-Tex.

Administrative personnel oversee a range of military functions, such as finance, accounting, legal affairs and supply. They may direct material transport by land, air and sea as well as oversee food service facilities.

Environmental Health and Safety Officers inspect military bases and food supplies to ensure their safety, while Security/Law Enforcement officers control traffic, protect property on bases/ships and investigate crimes on bases/ships. Medical Personnel provide emergency treatment to injured military or civilian personnel as necessary.

Achievement and Honors

Military olive has earned numerous awards for his service and leadership throughout his career, such as an Army Medical Department Combat Service Ribbon and Meritorious Unit Award badges.

The silver badge measures one inch in height overall and features a stretcher crossed by a caduceus with its head topped by a Greek cross; all on an elliptical oak wreath. Stars are added for subsequent awards: one star to indicate second award, two stars for third award and three stars for fourth award.

The eagle, spear and musket represent the Army’s role in national defense while its olive branch symbolizes peace. Enlisted personnel authorized for duty positions requiring PMOS 79S (Career Counselor) may wear this badge; both metal and cloth versions are authorized, along with a more discreet version.

Personal Life

Military olive, often referred to as drab green, has long been used in camouflage by various military branches. Especially popular during World War 2, its widespread usage can be found everywhere from tanks and towels to bazookas and boxer shorts. The term “drab” actually derives from an undyed homespun wool shade similar to “drab”, and may refer to any shade of green that resembles that of unripened olives.

Military olive is represented by the hex color code #63563b and has an RGB value of 99, 86 and 59. Other related colors include dark olive green (#556B2F), army green and khaki. A plaque commemorating Olive can be found at Honor Field at Ft Polk Louisiana while Sheldon McCormick dedicated his book The Downlow Saga exclusively to him.

Net Worth

Olive is an eye-catching color with military aesthetics and sophisticated fashion influences, conjuring feelings of peace and serenity. Additionally, its luxurious lifestyle associations often make this hue associated with high-end clothing brands – its hex code is 808000.

In 1868, British forces in Abyssinia were provided with uniforms patterned to match the earth and foliage colors found nearby, providing camouflage against potential enemies while making it much harder for their adversaries to spot or shoot at them. This new uniform quickly gained widespread use across many of the world’s armies as the Khaki quickly became their standard battledress.

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