Morgana Best Duos

Best WoW Duos – Caitlyn and Morgana

Caitlyn and Morgana make a great bot lane duo. Both have high CC and work well together. The former is good at extending the chain of CC with her W, while the latter can land basic attacks or an enhanced basic attack. While Morgana’s W costs a lot of mana, it’s worth using it only when you’re close to a kill.

Play as a team and try to get in the enemy team’s middle lane to farm. Next, use a long-range dps spell that will make them stop roaming. If the enemy has an ADC, try to bind them with your Dark Binding and follow it up with a Tormented Shadow. This way, you maximize the damage output.

Morgana’s kit lets her keep her enemies rooted in place. Morgana is an A-tier champion who can also be a great mid lane support. However, she can be a weak mid lane champion against All-engage team compositions.

A good item combination for Morgana is a Rod of Ages or Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. These items have cool interactions with Tormented Shadow. Both of these items also slow down enemy champions. As a tank, Morgana will use her abilities to poke her enemy champions, and she can also use her Aery to boost her poke damage.

Morgana can also play in the mid lane or jungle. Her mid lane build is similar to her jungle build, but builds more burst damage, which will help her survive team fights. Her ADC will also be able to deal greater damage. Morgana has one of the highest CP and DPS of all champions.

Morgana is less damage than Brand but has a strong spell shield. This spell shield allows Morgana to have more options in the bot lane and helps her avoid enemy CC. Her burning passive will help her extend her mark. The combination of these two champions is very strong and can help you out in the middle of a fight.

The Ezreal and Lux teams are another duo that works well together. This duo is one of the most popular bot lane duos in the game. Vayne is a strong late game carries but his early game playstyle makes it vulnerable. Lulu can assist Vayne by knocking enemies into the air, granting him extra damage and bonus health.

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