Nada Stepovich

Nada Stepovich – Wife of Utah Jazz Player John Stockton

Nada Stepovich is best known as being married to John Stockton, an NBA retired player. They share two daughters and four sons. As an observant Catholic she leads an intimate and private life.

Nada Stepovich was born somewhere in the United States to Matilda and Mike Stepovich and spent her formative years growing up alongside 12 siblings.

Early Life and Education

Nada Stepovich, wife of Utah Jazz player John Stockton, holds an intense sense of family and tradition. Of Serbian heritage and currently living in Spokane, Washington; Nada is also an ardent Catholic who practices her faith regularly and practices it daily as part of her everyday life.

She comes from an influential and large family with 12 siblings – her father Mike Stepovich was the last territorial governor of Alaska and hails from one of the most influential families in the US.

After graduating law school and serving in the Navy during World War II, she would go on to practice law in Fairbanks as well as being actively involved in politics – particularly the drive for Alaska statehood – notably playing an instrumental role. On June 30, Congress passed legislation giving Alaska statehood status, and President Eisenhower signed it shortly thereafter.

Professional Career

Nada Stepovich has been John Stockton’s supportive wife through his entire NBA career. They married in 1986 and currently live happily together. Together, they have six children – two sons and four daughters; these include David Stockton, Samuel Stockton, Houston Stockton and Lindsay Stockton.

This couple are Roman Catholic and both successful professionals with devotion to family. She remains private about her personal life despite being one of basketball’s premier point guards; and vice versa.

Nada hails from an esteemed family; her father Mike Stepovich served as territorial governor of Alaska before statehood was achieved in 1959. It remains unknown where Nada was born or raised but she holds American citizenship.

Achievement and Honors

John Stockton was once a star player with Utah Jazz and now serves as an accomplished coach, leading them to many victories under his tutelage. Known for his exceptional assists – holding the record of most assists in one season – John has received numerous awards and recognition over time for his impressive on court performance.

He and his wife Nada Stepovich reside in Spokane with their six children – two daughters (Lindsay and Laura), four sons (Houston, Michael, David, and Samuel) as strict Roman Catholics following Christian teachings.

Nada Stepovich is an esteemed television personality and the wife of former NBA player, John Stockton. Married since 1986, they share three children together as well as an incredible bond as parents and spouses.

Personal Life

John Stockton may have retired from professional basketball, but that hasn’t stopped him from remaining visible in society. His recent outrage against COVID-19 vaccine has put him back into the news cycle, while his personal life continues to receive coverage; John and Nada Stepovich have been married for over 30 years and together they share six children; four sons and two daughters.

Nada Stepovich is an American citizen and devout Catholic with an illustrious family background. She hails from Matilda Stepovich’s and Mike Stepovich’s (Alaska’s last territorial governor) family; growing up among her 12 siblings as one of America’s most influential families, which boasts one of its members in Mike Stepovich himself (an Alaska territorial governor). Nada and John have been happily married since 1986 and share four sons together.

Net Worth

John Stockton made an unforgettable mark during his NBA career, earning himself both respect and an impressive salary. Widely considered one of the greatest point guards ever, his tenure with Utah Jazz yielded some lucrative contracts that secured his legacy as one of basketball’s greatest point guards.

Nada Stepovich is married to John Stockton and currently resides in Spokane, Washington. Although her age hasn’t been made available publicly, it appears she’s in her late fifties. Nada is the daughter of Matilda and Mike Stepovich (the last territorial governor of Alaska).

Stepovich and her husband have two daughters and four sons, all of whom appear to be doing quite well in life. She and her family live an extravagant lifestyle made possible by her husband’s impressive net worth.

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