Nail Jack

What is a Nail Jack?

The nail jack is one of the most widely used fastener removal tools. Its head features claw-like projections designed to securely grasp any protruding nails or tacks.

These tools are designed to dig, grab, and pull nails without leaving behind surface damage, making them the ideal tools for use when pulling nails, brads or tacks with minimal surface disruption. Furthermore, their sturdy construction means they can also withstand hammer taps if necessary.

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The Nail Jack is an innovative tool that combines hammer claw and pliers. The claw design quickly grips fasteners for easier removal than standard pry bars while using a “spoon fulcrum” to minimize surface marring – it even works on brads and staples!

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An long pry bar may still work well against some stubborn, beefy framing nails, but for most fastener removal jobs the Nail Jack should be included in your tool box. Available for just $25 at Rockler and also with Pro versions for larger nails.

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Rockler may be best known for its tool insertion services, but his fastener removal tools are just as outstanding. The Staple Jack excels at quickly extracting small brads and staples while its spoon fulcrum design prevents surface marring. Rockler also makes the Nail Hunter and Nail Jack tools that allow users to remove screws, nails and other fasteners more effectively than long pry bars would – check them out here.

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The Nail Jack is designed to quickly remove nails without the use of pry bars, as well as effectively gripping and extracting small brads used to hold carpet padding down as well as staples. Additionally, its “spoon fulcrum” design minimizes surface marring while looking great! Available in three sizes with the largest version selling for around $35.00.

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