New 3ds Faceplates

New 3DS Faceplates

The New Nintendo 3DS comes with interchangeable faceplates, so you can customize the look of your system to your own liking. These covers are available in a variety of fun textures, and you can even combine several of them to get a completely unique look. This article will discuss a few of the most popular faceplates for the New 3DS.

Monster Hunter X New 3DS

To enhance the look and feel of your New 3DS, you can buy faceplates for the game. The faceplates are sold individually, but you can purchase the complete set if you’re willing to pay more. These accessories are compatible with both the XL and LL versions of the New 3DS.

There are also other new features of the system, including swappable faceplates. The game will cost about 17,000 yen (about $172) in Japan, and the faceplates can be purchased separately for 2,000 yen ($17) each.

Zelda 3DS faceplates

The New Nintendo 3DS will soon have two more faceplates available. Both of them are themed after the Zelda franchise. One of them features a 3D skull kid from Majora’s Mask, while the other has a black Triforce theme with a gold Hylian crest on the back. These new faceplates are available for purchase in Japan, but Nintendo of America hasn’t released them yet.

Zelda 3DS faceplates will be available in both plastic and metal versions. The most striking designs will be from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Other Zelda-themed faceplates will be available as well. The designs are available for pre-order at the Official Nintendo UK store. The only rule is that you can only order one per customer.

Pikachu-themed faceplates

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire-themed Nintendo 3DS faceplates have been revealed for the Japanese market. These faceplates are priced at 19,000 yen each and depict both legendary Pokemon in their primal forms. They also show the Pokémon in their normal state on the back. These faceplates also come with a purchase-exclusive home screen. They will be available starting September 20 in Pokemon centers across Japan.

You can buy New Nintendo 3DS faceplates in a variety of styles. You can choose from a Pikachu faceplate, a Monster Hunter 4G faceplate, an Xbox-themed faceplate, and more. There are also different variations of the same faceplate in black, gray, or green.

Monster Hunter X New 3DS XL faceplates

For fans of the Monster Hunter series, the new Nintendo 3DS system will feature a new faceplate to match their new gaming console. The faceplates can be purchased separately or in bundles. The bundles include the new 3DS, AC adaptor, and 4GB microSDHC card but will not include the Monster Hunter X game. The game is due out in Japan on November 28. The faceplates will retail for 17,000 yen, which is about $172.

The new Nintendo 3DS and XL launched in Japan last week and sold 164,756 units in their first weekend of sale. The popularity of the console was likely boosted by the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate bundle. Aside from being a great way to customize your hardware, faceplates also give publishers another way to promote their games.

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