New Release In Spanish

New Release in Spanish

During the last week, there have been a few new releases in Spanish. The latest to hit the shelves was La Fuerza, which is about a group of spies. In the movie, the group is given a mission to track down a group of pirates who are causing chaos in the Mediterranean Sea. There are some nice moments in this movie, and if you love spies, you’ll probably love this movie. The movie is available in both English and Spanish, and it’s well worth checking out.

Kat & Alex

Introducing Kat & Alex, Nashville’s only Hispanic husband and wife duo signed to a major label. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the duo released the official and fun (and very cool) ‘Side A’ EP and a bilingual version titled ‘Lado B’. The six track EP includes the duo’s self titled entry, the title song, and two new tracks, “Nunca Te Olvides De Amar” (never forget to love) and “Humble And Kind” (Humble and Kind).

The couple grew up seeing their parents’ records sporting Side A and Side B. They have since returned home to Nashville to focus on writing and recording original music. They made a splash with their debut single “How Many Times,” which amassed nearly 20 million streams independently. They also debuted on American Idol. They are now poised to make their Grand Ole Opry debut in 2020.

Real Steel

Among its many features, Real Steel comes with a 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track that delivers stadium-worthy audio. The movie also features a “Ringside with Director Shawn Levy” audio commentary.

The film, which is based on the Richard Matheson short story Steel, takes little from the original text. The story follows a former boxer (Hugh Jackman) who gets his first taste of the high tech world of robot boxing. The robots are powered by computerized control pads that mimic human movement more precisely than Wii Sports.

The movie also features a cool free sparring mode and a tournament mode. The real star of the movie, however, is the robot, Atom, a junkyard castoff who rises from underground battles to professional ranks.

Sephardi: Cooking the History

Featuring fifty recipes, Sephardi: Cooking the History is a cookbook that tells the story of Sephardic Jewish recipes. These recipes were prepared by Jews who escaped the Inquisition in the 15th century. The book contains scholarly references and beautiful photographs.

The recipes in the book are translated from original languages and are presented in a way that the modern cook can follow. The book also includes a tutorial on Brik, a special kind of almond-filled roll soaked in honey.

Sephardi cuisine is deeply rooted in Israeli food, and its cooking methods and flavors have a long and varied history. The cuisine is highly influenced by the foods of the Iberian peninsula, the Arabic and Mediterranean regions. It features ingredients such as garlic, olives, tomatoes, and bell peppers. The cuisine is based on cooked vegetables, legumes, and meat, and often uses lamb.

Dracula en Espanol

Several Hollywood studios made attempts to make a Spanish-language version of Dracula. Some of them were wildly successful, while others were more duds. But whichever version you chose to watch, you should take a moment to appreciate this film, a classic that’s still worth watching.

The first Spanish-language Dracula was shot on the same sets as the Tod Browning version. It was a production that lasted only 29 minutes longer than the English version. The resulting film was so successful that it has survived the test of time and is preserved in the US Library of Congress.

One of the more notable achievements of the movie was the fact that it was shot in the dark. This was in keeping with the time period when film industries in other countries were just getting started.

La Fuerza

‘La Fuerza’ is Christina Aguilera’s first major release in Spanish in more than two decades. It is the first part of three albums she plans to release in the next three years. In her debut Spanish album, Aguilera explores the various genres of Latin music, including ranchera, pop, reggaeton, and more. She’s also joined by Ozuna and Nicki Nicole, who have both appeared on Christina’s previous projects.

The album features six original songs written by Aguilera and co-written by her collaborators. It also includes “Pa Mis Muchachas” with Becky G. It is the first Spanish-language album the pop superstar has released since 2000’s Mi Reflejo, which peaked at Number One on the Billboard Latin Albums chart.

The cover features angel wings and black roses. The EP’s track list was revealed on Christina’s Instagram account.

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