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Bazoum hails from the Djerma tribe in Niger and has dedicated himself to improving lives of his fellow Nigeriens. Additionally, he holds several leadership roles within PNDS-Tarayya party.

After winning both general elections in December 2020 and a presidential runoff election in February 2021, he will lead Niger as its first democratic leader since its independence.

Early Life and Education

Bazoum’s parents remain unknown to the public. He attended local schools before earning a bachelor of philosophy degree from Cheikh Diop University in Dakar, Senegal and teaching school before embarking on his political career.

Bazoum was an avid advocate of democracy and civil liberties throughout his career, advocating strongly for women’s rights and fighting to ensure the wellbeing of Niger’s children.

On July 27th he was overthrown by a military junta led by General Mahamadou Issoufou and detained along with his wife Hadiza Mabrouk Bazoum and son Salem in the Presidential Palace. Bazoum assured Niger citizens that democratic gains will remain intact and pledged to honor any agreements made with Tuareg rebels from northern Niger.

Professional Career

Mohamed Bazoum has achieved exceptional qualifications by graduating from both Niamey and Paris universities, where he majored in political science, law and international affairs. With this background comes an in-depth knowledge of politics, law and international affairs that enable him to provide workable solutions to complex issues facing Niger.

Niger has not experienced a peaceful transfer of power between elected leaders in its six decades since independence, so his election represents an historic transition of democratic governance between elected leaders. After winning in February’s presidential elections and being inaugurated amid tight security in Niger’s capital two days after security forces foiled an attempted coup by part of its military forces was secured, this Friday marked Niger’s first democratic transfer between elected leaders since independence.

Bazoum, who had long been one of President Issoufou’s closest allies, served in his shadow, taking care of various administrative tasks and leading their party together – the Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism they founded together – in an attempt to improve Niger’s economy while forging relationships with Western allies.

Achievement and Honors

Bazoum was an avid supporter of democracy and civil liberties. A key figure within PNDS party, he served many ministerial positions before eventually taking on his current post as president of Mauritania. Working tirelessly against poverty while encouraging economic development.

He championed female education and promoted women’s rights in Niger. Additionally, he was committed to fighting corruption and terrorism across his nation.

Mohamed Bazoum was married to Hadiza Ben Mabrouk and together they have one child named Salem; due to privacy reasons the names of his other children remain private. On July 26, 2023 a coup led by presidential guard removed Bazoum from office; however he and his family were detained at the presidential palace while it quickly disbanded.

Personal Life

Mohamed Bazoum has been married for more than two decades and keeps his personal and love affairs private, so very little information is known about him.

President Mubarak is also an advocate of gender equality and has established a foundation to aid women. Additionally, his wife Hadiza Ben Mabrouk, an attorney and businesswoman dedicated to supporting female empowerment is at his side.

Since the July coup in Niger, they are said to be living without electricity or contact with loved ones; all they have is rice and canned food to sustain themselves. But despite being held captive, deposed President has remained optimistic; according to one former advisor posting on Facebook “he is in high spirits despite no contact with relatives”.

Net Worth

Bazoum is an outstanding leader who has made considerable contributions to his nation. A passionate supporter of democracy and service excellence, Bazoum as President of Niger enjoys access to numerous resources that enable him to increase economic growth for Niger.

He possesses an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing Niger and how best to overcome them. A member of the Djerma tribe, he has leveraged his political status to improve lives of his constituents.

He and Hadiza Ben Mabrouk share one daughter. Although he doesn’t talk openly about his personal life or relationships, his net worth is estimated at between $1-5 Million. He currently stands 59 years old.

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