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Malaki Branham, a 2022 NBA Draft Pick, Has Passed Away

Malaki Branham, a freshman for Ohio State Buckeyes and selected 20th overall by San Antonio Spurs during the 2022 NBA draft. This marks only the third-ever draftee from St Vincent-St Mary Academy who was selected in this way.

He taught rhetoric and speech at Bates College while also acting as director of debate – revitalising their program in the process. He passed away peacefully at his Lewiston home surrounded by family and friends.

Early Life and Education

Ralph L. and Dorothy R. Branham passed away, leaving behind his beloved wife F. Celeste Branham of Lewiston as well as their son Noah as well as many siblings, nieces and nephews to mourn their loss.

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Professional Career

Once he graduated, Branham served as both instructor in the theater and speech department as well as director of debate at Bates College. An expert on debating history, he published widely on topics pertaining to communication theory and practice.

He is survived by his wife Gloria of Lewiston; son Danny; daughters Debi and Beckie; and seven grandchildren. A memorial service will take place later this month at Bates College; in lieu of flowers donations may be made to Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America in Branham’s name and Bates students are welcome to attend; furthermore a scholarship fund has been set up in his name.

Achievement and Honors

Branham was an esteemed scholar of debate history and communication theory and practice. As professor of rhetoric and debate at Bates College in Lewiston, where he revitalized its historic debate program. Author of numerous books and articles; award-winning teacher; dedicated family man; Branham lived an exceptional life.

He is survived by his wife, F. Celeste Branham of Lewiston; three daughters: Abigail Mitchell (Waukesha), Noah Mitchell (Waukesha) and Whitney Mitchell (Long Beach); son Thomas Branham of West Jefferson; five grandchildren; and his brother James Issac Mitchell from Robinson Creek Kentucky. Ralph Lamar Branham had predeceased him.

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Personal Life

A man was a loving husband and father, fully dedicated to his family. As a coal miner he worked hard to provide for them all, showing what transformed lives look like through Jesus Christ.

His legacy will live on with F. Celeste Branham of Lewiston, Maine; son Noah Branham at home; two brothers Donnie Branham and Harold Ray Branham both of West Jefferson, Ohio; four grandchildren and several great-grandchildren as well as four memorial services at Bates College Chapel to pay their respects on Nov 15th in his name. If desired, contributions can be made in Robert J. Branham Memorial Scholarship fund or Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America Inc at 386 Park Avenue South New York NY 100168804. We thank you all for your prayers on their behalf and we thank our community members.

Net Worth

Branham remains incognito as his net worth remains unknown. Furthermore, details regarding his salary and assets remain confidential and even his exact birthday and parents’ names remain a secret to the public.

He was a minister from Jeffersonville, Indiana credited by many with initiating the Post WWII Healing Revival. Additionally, he claimed to be Elijah himself and championed an ideology of an elite white race.

Branham had close ties to Jim Jones, the leader who inspired 900 followers to commit suicide at Jonestown in Guyana in 1978. Branham claimed supernatural healing powers and visions of heaven and hell during his career, was involved with the Ku Klux Klan, and shared similarities with Jones’ Manifest Sons of God doctrine.

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