Noah Brocious

Noah Brocious, President of Capital Fund 1

Capital Fund 1’s President, Noah Brocious is responsible for overseeing real estate and hard money lending operations for their Phoenix-based firm. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread, his team have become more stringent when lending for commercial projects.

He holds an MA from California Lutheran University.

Professional Career

Noah Brocious decided to pursue a career in real estate shortly after graduating from California Lutheran University, using his basketball playing experience as preparation. Now, he has established Capital Fund 1 as his hard money lender of choice and is an integral partner.

As a freshman, he saw limited action on special teams and third down situations; however, as the season went on he gained more involvement and finished with 413 yards on 70 attempts – more than any of his opponents!

Concordia students taking religious education courses participate in a year-long internship at an LCMS congregation, agency or mission site as part of their religious education curriculum. Brocious will intern this year at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Irving, Texas while other students serve their internships across Texas, Maryland and Hong Kong.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Brocious was honored to join Forbes Finance Council, an invitation-only community of executives in accounting, financial planning, wealth and asset management and investment firms. His experience and accomplishments earned him this prestigious recognition; currently serving as President of Capital Fund 1 in Scottsdale, Arizona as well as many other professional achievements and honors including graduation from California Lutheran University. Noah currently resides in Scottsdale.

Personal Life

Noah Brocious has long been passionate about sports, with an inherent drive to succeed. He successfully transferred this mentality from basketball onto real estate business transactions; quickly realizing when certain pathways or plays don’t work and then moving swiftly onto another endeavor.

Noah is President of Capital Fund 1, Arizona’s premier hard money lender. A graduate from California Lutheran University based out of Scottsdale Arizona, he has also been welcomed into Forbes Councils.

Joel Hinderliter is one of 12 siblings of Joel and Judith Brocious Hinderliter and has one daughter named Vista Viola Young. Living in Arizona with Leanna and their children, Joel enjoys staying active by spending much of his free time playing baseball, basketball and golf – activities in which the entire family participates.

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