Noah Carey

Noah Carey, Partner at Greenberg Glusker LLP

From exploring what monsters reveal about culture who dream them to watching Tucson students fight to save Mexican American studies classes, Noah is intrigued by various topics. Currently employed at Pearl Lemon Leads as a content writer while simultaneously pursing a graduate degree in Television Radio & Film studies.

Early Life and Education

Noah is an enthusiastic filmmaker and storyteller who has been crafting screenplays since childhood. After attending Newhouse School of Public Communications to attain his Masters in Television, Radio, and Film production; Noah has written screenplays for American High, 20th Century Fox Latin Polygram Records and Six Flags among many others.

According to biblical accounts, Noah and his family took refuge inside an ark during a global flood. After the waters subsided, they left with animals to repopulate the world.

He edited several periodicals, such as the pro-federalist American Magazine and The Little Reader’s Assistant, while writing various collections of essays and the book The Elementary Spelling Book or an Easy Standard of Pronunciation (1787). Furthermore, he published the American Selection of Lessons in Reading and Speaking.

Professional Career

Noah is an expert in higher education policy and governance who currently serves on multiple advisory boards including Single Stop USA Advisory Board, Seal of Excellence Advisory Board, Level Up Advisory Board and National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship Advisory Board. Additionally he was previously part of the Association of Community College Trustees Advisory Board as well as Foundation for Educational Improvement Advisory Council as well as “First in the World: Community Colleges and America’s Future Advisory Committee.

Protiviti’s Managing Director at Protiviti provides management consulting and technology risk, regulatory, and security control services to Cloud Service Providers, SaaS providers, Fin-Tech firms, Ad-Tech firms, media streaming platforms domestically and internationally. His audit reports have focused on Security, Availability, Processing Integrity Confidentiality Financial Reporting controls in service organizations.

Achievement and Honors

Noah is known for his keen intellect. As part of Dr. Jill Daniel’s behavioral neuroscience team, his research as a lab assistant was instrumental in their creation of a new mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. Labeling amyloid plaques within these mice brains made an invaluable contribution towards this overall study.

Gabriella has excelled academically while remaining actively engaged in student government, service organizations and social clubs at Tulane University. Additionally, she serves on their varsity beach volleyball team and founded their Roller Blading Club – both are great examples of leaders with vision who motivate others into action.

Personal Life

Noah Carey is an enthusiastic filmmaker and storyteller with a distinctive visual style. He has contributed short films and screenplays that showcase his genuine voice and vision, currently working at Pearl Lemon as content writer while simultaneously pursing a graduate degree in television, radio, and film studies. Noah enjoys running and tennis as hobbies; reading Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series; Pearl Jam is his favourite band; in 2020 it ranked #2 according to Social Security Administration data!

Net Worth

Greenberg Glusker partner Noah keeps an extensive environmental and energy practice, which includes complex litigation and regulatory matters. His expertise lies in providing advice on regulatory matters while helping clients address challenging disputes.

He has amassed an enormous following on social media platforms like TikTok, where he boasts over 27 million followers. He often uploads videos showing himself working out, lip syncing and dancing.

Fashion-wise, he enjoys shopping regularly for clothing. Additionally, he travels frequently between work and leisure trips in the US; visiting multiple cities both professionally and leisurely. Sports-wise, he’s keen on becoming a professional athlete – having many friends backing his quest towards stardom along his journey.

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