Noah Chizmar

Virginia Freshman Noah Chizmar

Noah Chizmar has held onto lacrosse sticks his whole life, from high school lacrosse at St Paul’s to top-ranked Virginia and eventually becoming one of the Cavaliers’ short-stick defensive midfielders. Additionally, he has written numerous novels and screenplays while co-founding Cemetery Dance magazine.

Early Life and Education

Chizmar was raised in Edgewood, Maryland. As an avid reader and library goer, he spent his days immersed in books. From an early age he started creating stories, particularly horror ones which would often get read out loud by friends for 10 cents or quarter.

After graduating from Edgewood High School, he went to the University of Maryland to study journalism. Once there, he started writing for their student newspaper and eventually was named its sports editor.

Later he became lacrosse coach at St. Paul’s before going on to goalkeeper at Division III Colby College. Kara and Billy now share two children: Noah and Billy.

Professional Career

Noah Chizmar quickly established himself as one of Virginia’s premier short-stick defensive midfielders as a freshman walk-on. Now leading Virginia in ground balls and caused turnovers, Chizmar quickly made himself indispensable on defense.

At his last game, he worked alongside Cade Saustad and Cole Kastner to keep Notre Dame star attackmen Chris Taylor and Pat Kavanaugh at bay, taking an aggressive hit late in the third quarter to stop any potential game-winning goals from coming in.

Not surprisingly, Noah excels on the lacrosse field given that both of his parents were former athletes themselves – Richard was a midfielder at Edgewood and CCBC Essex while Kara played defense for Division III St Paul’s before backing up Alex Rode, goalie of the New York Islanders. Together his family shares an immense love of lacrosse that has allowed Noah to overcome challenges throughout life.

Achievement and Honors

Chizmar has written numerous short stories and novels during his prolific career, founding Cemetery Dance magazine and publishing company of the same name, winning several awards and working alongside prominent authors such as Stephen King.

Lacrosse helped him conquer two bouts with testicular cancer at 29 and 30 respectively, and his parents are immensely proud of the sport that their son pursues with such passion.

Though he only saw limited playing time this season, Virginia sophomore Jadon Haase has an exciting future ahead of him. He quickly established himself as one of their premier short-stick defensive midfielders; his teammates appreciate his hard work and passion – not to mention being the sole Cavalier with a positive grade point average this year!

Personal Life

Noah Chizmar has quickly established himself as one of the premier short-stick defensive midfielders for top-ranked Virginia. On Tuesday night during their 18-13 victory against No. 10 Johns Hopkins University, Chizmar was responsible for five ground balls and an assist.

Chizmar is the editor and publisher of Cemetery Dance magazine and creator of its publishing imprint Cemetery Dance Publications. Additionally, he has contributed horror fiction anthologies and novels of his own as well as screenplays for film and television with best-selling author Stephen King.

He served in the navy air force before marrying Kara and having two children: Billy and Noah. Together they reside in Bel Air, Maryland, attending St Paul’s Episcopal Church for worship services and being members. Richard himself played midfield at Edgewood and CCBC Essex while Billy went on to be goalkeeper at Division III Colby College as well as St Paul’s as a backup for goalkeeper Alex Rode.

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