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Noah Kagan is a Cincinnati Superhero

As with any superhero, Noah relies on both friends and family during his fight with cancer; as well as on lifesaving donations from total strangers.

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Early Life and Education

Noah is an active participant at Forest Dale Church of Christ and its youth group. He lives in a northwestern Cincinnati suburb with his mother, stepfather and three younger siblings – while attending Colerain High School both as an individual student as well as team manager for their Cardinals football program during school hours.

Noah was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, a rare form of childhood cancer which targets kidney cells. Over the first nine months of kindergarten he spent significant time at hospital receiving chemotherapy treatments, radiation sessions and Remicade infusions.

Lemmink quickly responded when Noah was diagnosed, going above and beyond her duty to bring his education directly to home or hospital environments.

Professional Career

Noah specializes in representing tax-exempt organizations and individuals, representing nonprofits, foundations and charities on issues ranging from grant making procedures and excess benefit transactions to mergers and corporate governance matters. Additionally, he regularly represents clients during disputes with the Internal Revenue Service or state taxation agencies.

Noah serves as both the Cincinnati office manager and co-manager for NorthMarq Ohio region. Prior to joining NorthMarq, he opened up the Cincinnati office of Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation; was assistant vice president in US Bank’s national commercial real estate division; served as senior commercial mortgage analyst with Summit Investment Partners (Union Central Life Insurance Company which later changed into Ameritas Life); graduated with his B.S. in Business Administration with specializations in Marketing and Transportation & Logistics at Ohio State’s Max Fisher College of Business from Ohio State’s Max Fisher College of Business with specializations in Marketing & Transportation & Logistics from The Ohio State Max Fisher College of Business; before that role he served with Union Central life Insurance Company who later changed into Ameritas Life!

Personal Life

Noah is fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible support network that gives him hope and strength, including his parents, brother, sister and friends who regularly donate blood to him.

Noah has found a connection with several classmates at Ohio Valley Voices, such as Brooklyn, Hadassah and Pia. However, Martina Guarello may be his most significant friend: over just months they formed an incredible bond that will continue long into the future.

Net Worth

Kagan has amassed his fortune through multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, such as AppSumo and Sumo Group. Additionally, he makes money through popular podcasts and online courses he hosts; additionally he has made successful investments in startups which has added significantly to his net worth.

As part of his frugal lifestyle, he emphasizes experiences over possessions; this has enabled him to build up significant savings accounts and achieve financial success.

NOAH’s real estate development process is an ongoing, back and forth process in which input from both municipal committees and neighborhood residents is sought. NOAH employs experienced financial staffers such as its Director of Asset & Property Management with 11 years experience and CMH, CMM, COS and TCS certification; three other experienced Property Managers exist along with one full-time accountant hired after her AmeriCorps service term has ended.

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