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Home Surety Intern, Noah Gragson

The Youth Group leader leads them through a trust exercise, pairing Noah and Jude together. Both seem at ease together and smile warmly at one another.

Noah hails from the Crow tribe and descends from Blackfeet nation. He enjoys performing on stage and writing creative material.

Early Life and Education

Kathy has over two decades of experience working in early childhood education, holding a Bachelor of Applied Studies degree in Early Childhood Education. Kathy enjoys traveling with her beloved cockapoo Cooper and volunteering at Noah’s Ark Preschool helping children grow and learn!

Noah Watts was born a member of the Crow tribe and descendant of Blackfeet nation; hence his nickname of Bulaagawish (“Old Bull”). Additionally, he performs traditional Crow war dance at many pow pows across North America.

He developed his acting skills through high school drama and forensics, winning both state tournaments and competing at national levels. As Ratonhnake:ton or Connor Kenway in 2012’s video game Assassin’s Creed III where he provided voice and motion capture, as well as being an active conservationist working to ensure new species receive proper protections under an effective Endangered Species Act Act.

Professional Career

Noah serves as Home Surety’s Legal Intern and acts as a “jack of all trades”, providing support to both pre-closers and closers in all their tasks. Additionally, he drafts documents on behalf of the company as needed and enjoys visiting Memphis’ many breweries during his free time.

Potential to develop into an elite number three or four starter, already showing strong pitchability with two of his pitches having above-average potential. Outstanding makeup and work ethic that every organization looks for; an asset every team desires on its roster.

Achievement and Honors

Noah is an honor roll high school student. He takes part in forensics and speech competitions as well as regional and national theater productions, playing the part of a teenage gang leader in Native Voices at Autry’s play, “Wilderness Road”.

Jude updates his Facebook status to “dating” Noah after witnessing Connor bring along Noah on an outing. Noah is surprised, yet says it makes him happy for Jude.

Later, the Youth Group leader leads them through a trust exercise. Taylor suggests pairing Jude and Noah for this activity; Noah agrees, while Jude seems uncertain. Eventually they lean in close enough to kiss one another before hearing someone approaching their boat and breaking off their intimacy.

Personal Life

Noah is the son of a minister and actively involved in his church youth group. He enjoys music and frequently dances while listening to his favorite tracks. When visiting Jude’s room he often talks about Jenna.

Noah apologizes for being terrible at video games, as well as not being allowed to play any because his mom believes they will cause problems in his brain. Jude makes light-hearted fun of Noah by asking if he’s high while Noah remains nonplussed by this question.

Jude later meets Noah and Taylor at Lena’s party and introduces herself, immediately becoming friends. But when Taylor mentions she was with Connor before, and that Noah gave her marijuana, Jude reacts angrily; taking Noah aside to tell him not to give any more pot.

Net Worth

Noah Gragson is an American professional stock car racing driver currently competing in the NASCAR Cup Series with Legacy Motorsports (formerly Petty GMS Motorsports).

Starting his career as a stand-up comedian in South Africa, he quickly rose through the ranks to appear on various late night talk shows in America and later The Daily Show as a regular contributor where he eventually replaced Jon Stewart as host in 2015.

At first, he earned between $5 and $8 million per season but has renegotiated his contract to generate up to $16 million annually. On top of his substantial annual salary, he also generates wealth through comedy tours and seven-figure book deals.

He met Rhain Brown in Hoonah, Alaska in 2016 and they are an incredibly strong and supportive couple, providing each other with unconditional love and support through thick and thin. Together they enjoy hiking, camping and exploring nature as well as sharing an undying devotion for their pets and DIY projects around the house.

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