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Noah’s Ark Day Care in San Antonio, Texas, Has Multiple Bite Marks

Noah Rivas’ family alleges his one-and-a-half year-old son was left with multiple bite marks at Eman Tot Academy on the east side of San Antonio and as soon as they noticed them they contacted the day care.

They claim they were told the day care director would call back, yet their phone never rang with any reply from her.

Early Life and Education

Cheryce Sullivan holds a background in nursing and worked at a nearby medical facility before opening her family childcare home in 2016. Cheryce credits networking among family providers with helping her craft effective lesson plans that incorporate Early Learning Standards.

Noah’s Nook Pre-School & Day Care offers children a safe and nurturing learning environment. Their educational program features play-based activities as well as hands-on experiences designed to nurture creativity and development of essential life skills.

Noah’s Ark Daycare provides childcare to nearby Staten Island families, meeting all New York State educational standards to prepare children for kindergarten. Their facilities are open from 7AM-5PM Monday – Friday with SMSA “break weeks” childcare provided when necessary throughout the school year; with an 18:1 student teacher ratio and 18 children currently enrolled.

Professional Career

Noah’s Ark Day Care is a licensed home-based group family day care that offers children a safe and clean learning environment, emphasizing hands-on activities and manipulatives that stimulate exploration. Noah’s Ark also emphasizes physical, social, and emotional growth during their services.

Bechai has been operating her day care business for over seven years and it is fully licensed. Her expertise in childcare has allowed her to create an effective day care that provides families with safe and welcoming surroundings for their children.

Noah’s Ark Child Care Center employees enjoy numerous perks, including health insurance, flexible schedules and opportunities for career advancement. Additionally, its culture was exceptionally responsive during the COVID-19 pandemic; employees have applauded management’s compassion and dedication to their team.

Achievement and Honors

Noah’s Ark students have won several academic awards. The school owners are thrilled that their students can explore new ideas and expand their knowledge, while being encouraged to follow their individual interests and express themselves creatively.

Noah Sneed’s day care center was licensed by Broward County and in compliance with state rules; investigators are currently exploring any errors at the facility that contributed to his death.

Chanese Sneed sobbed loudly Tuesday night as her family gathered outside of Oakland Park day care center where her son died. As they grieved together, both were crying – having always been close. “Xavier” held his mom close as both were holding back tears at once. Sneed spoke fondly of Xavier as “one of her boys”.

Personal Life

Noah’s Ark is an outstanding childcare center that truly makes you feel part of their family. They’re accommodating when kids get sick or require early pick up; plus the staff is extremely welcoming – the director knows each child by name!

In 2001, Irene’s daughter established a day care centre at Mumias to provide HIV orphans in western Kenya with housing, basic education, meals, clothing, medical support and guidance on behavioral matters. Additionally, this centre provides meals, clothing, medical support and guidance regarding behavioral matters; eventually it hopes that children placed here can find loving families where they can thrive – something known as community based care; this approach has since grown into two separate centres known as Noah’s Ark and St Irene’s, housing over 200 orphans altogether!

Net Worth

Noah’s Ark is an exceptional place to work and the employees possess a genuine care for children, making this an excellent opportunity for life-long friendships between teachers and children alike. I appreciate their dedication, love and genuine dedication towards children as much as I appreciate the directors and staff but unfortunately have been disappointed with recent changes like a new director who lacks communication, issues that never get resolved and mixing of staff during Covid pandemic outbreak.

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