noah douglas

A Perfect Blend of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Noah Douglas explores the wide expanse of fiction with his six original novels. These work of his are an engaging blend of sci-fi and fantasy, both entertaining and inspirational.

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Early Life and Education

Noah Douglas is an aspiring author who writes Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels. His six most recent novels explore vast expanses of fiction with exciting action sequences and memorable characters. Additionally, he double majors in Social Computing and Liberal Arts at Mount St Joseph University’s cITe program.

Fletcher Mackel of WDSU sports anchor highlights Noah Confident from Brother Martin High School wrestling who was born without his right leg but has battled back into becoming one of their rising stars, helping lead his team to 21 state titles since their first state tournament win.

Noah realized during his cancer treatments that children needing any serious illness need an abundance of fun activities to help pass the time and distract themselves. So he founded The Bandage Project: collecting and donating fun bandages for kids fighting any serious illness while using any funds raised into grants for pediatric cancer research.

Professional Career

Loyal science-fiction and fantasy readers adore Noah’s six original novels, each depicting captivating dystopian universes with captivating characters – his latest, “Amora,” depicts two brother princes fighting for their kingdom in an engaging political drama.

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Achievement and Honors

Noah Douglas has made his mark on fiction with six captivating novels that explore science-fiction and fantasy worlds. A double major in Liberal Arts and Social Computing with a minor in Creative Writing, his six original works feature thrilling dystopian universes and magical kingdoms. Additionally, he recently launched his namesake website where all of his works can be purchased at an affordable price point.

Krisi Douglas; sister Gracie Allen from Union Star, Kentucky; brother Kaleb Douglas; his unborn daughter Claire Douglas due in February 2022; step-father Chris Allen and various aunts, uncles, cousins and nieces and nephews he leaves behind; both maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather have predeceased him; memorial services will take place at his Savannah residence on January 2, 2022.

Personal Life

Noah Douglas has leveraged his writing talents as a double major in liberal arts and social computing to explore the vast world of fiction. Through six original books written since 2014, this aspiring author tells captivating tales about dystopian universes and fantastic kingdoms.

Sci-fi and fantasy fans can access his work through The White Sanctum, his website that features all his books at an affordable price while creating an encouraging community for writers.

Noah is married to Sharon and has five children, 13 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren he considers his own as well as several friends he considers family. In his free time he enjoys golf, horse racing and spending time at the horse track with Sharon and friends as well as reading, traveling and supporting Logan County through volunteering his services for community needs.

Net Worth

He has appeared in various popular television shows, movies and series which have brought him fame and recognition. Additionally, he boasts a sizable fan base who have come out in support of him and his work.

Current projects being worked on by him will expand his resume significantly, including appearing alongside Shia LaBeouf in Honey Boo and as Marcus Abbott in A Quiet Place; additionally he will star alongside Michael Douglas on Apple TV+ show Franklin.

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