Noah Francis

Noah Francis Johnson

Noah Francis is a professional eSports player who has amassed more than $5 Million through gaming. He played with Team Renegades in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division under his gamertag Nifty.

NOAH hails from Wales – home of legendary musicians such as Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey and Stereophonics – where his musical roots echo throughout his soulful voice.

Early Life and Education

Noah is one of the co-founders of Fish’s Atlanta office and currently acts as its pro bono coordinator. He has extensive experience handling post-conviction proceedings both state and federal courts as well as death penalty cases.

Noah has also taken an active part in charity work. He founded both a tennis charity and adaptation organization for underprivileged children; as well as Fete le Mur.

At the core of every Flood story lies God’s balance of justice and mercy, which this version highlights prominently. However, this version allows modern audiences not just to observe but to also follow along as its protagonist grapples with these questions of right and wrong in his own journey through this epic tale.

Professional Career

Noah Francis Johnson has led an impressive career: from world freestyle dance champion to studying for the priesthood before ultimately discovering his singing voice as an artist. This comes through clearly in his music – particularly opening track “Try and Ballroom Blues”, which serves as an emotional ode to his late father.

His talent at switching genres shines through with Valentines of fire, which attempts to recreate a stage musical feel reminiscent of Broadway musicals. Unfortunately, the lyrics tend to sound forced instead of natural.

“Bleed” is another song featuring his soulful vocals that showcases their expressive range, serving as a protest song against physical, psychological, and emotional pain throughout our world. This track can be found on his Harvest Tree EP.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Francis has made waves in eSports since emerging as one of its leaders, garnering numerous accolades and achievements along the way. Known by his gamertag Nifty, he has won multiple championships during his successful career.

Noah has garnered national TV appearances and sell-out performances across the UK due to his musical prowess, earning praise for his ability to convey personal feelings through songs.

His openness to each genre has allowed him to bring rock & roll, blues, jazz and soul music together into one unique blend. Marvin Gaye and Frank Sinatra come to mind when considering his vocal versatility; truly an artist that brings audiences alive through their passion and voice!

Personal Life

NOAH offers an original perspective shaped through life experiences and showcased in his music. His ability to switch genres with ease, treating each one with reverence before rendering them with soul is something we should commend him on.

His ability to cut through the surface level of superficiality that many artists struggle with sets him apart; evidenced in songs like Ball Room Blues where he pays his father homage.

He also participates in professional eSports tournaments with Team Renegades and his gamertag is “Nifty”. A highly popular CS:GO player, Nifty was recently part of their squad at 2018 Intel Extreme Masters XIII Sydney Premier CS:GO competition where they finished 6th out of 7 teams! His abilities as an eSports player make him one of the highest earning players worldwide!

Net Worth

Noah has earned a substantial sum through his music career so far, thanks to endorsements and shows that have added to his net worth.

He has performed and collaborated with artists including Lenny KravItz, Soul and Jazz poet Gil Scott Heron, Jamiroquai/Puddle of Mudd/Wu-Tang and Royce Da 5’9″. Q Magazine described his rock project as ‘Genius” while one of his earlier penned tracks was remixed by Frankie Knuckles making him an instant dance floor classic.

At first, he would drink and take Molly regularly; eventually though he decided to stop doing all these drugs altogether and focus on performing for an audience instead. For him, performing is one of the greatest pleasures and he enjoys the love from fans that surrounds him as much as anything.

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