Noah Friedman

Noah Friedman – Angel Investor and Advisor to Multiple Brands

Noah Friedman is a photo and video journalist working in Bolivia as well as an angel investor and advisor for multiple brands.

The Biblical story of Noah and the Flood is full of contradictions and redundancies, such as how long it lasted (7:5) or why Noah took two of each species aboard his Ark (6:22). Furthermore, Mount Ararat twice appeared as a resting spot (1:7 and 7:6).

Early Life and Education

Noah Friedman is a 2022 Birthright Israel graduate and currently studying Chemistry at Texas A&M University. In his free time he enjoys learning Mandarin and watching Chinese films – something his Hillel house supports through community leadership roles and membership in MOVE Texas (a progressive grassroots student organization).

Noah is the hero of Genesis’ Flood story. A devout religious man, Noah survived God’s worldwide judgment of mankind’s sin by building an Ark with his three sons and breeding pairs of animals to safely shelter in it.

The name Noah comes from Hebrew Noach, which translates to “rest” or “repose.” Generally considered male given names, Noah can also serve as an alternative for Noa, one of Zelophehad’s five daughters.

Professional Career

Noah Friedman has long been recognized in his industry for his expertise in entrepreneurship, branding and marketing. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Morning Brew and VICE News among others.

He also serves as General Manager for Cinematic Music Group, overseeing recording and marketing budgets, artist brand deals, co-op distribution agreements, co-op licensing agreements and global distribution for cinematic projects featuring Joey Bada$$, Pro Era, G Herbo and Big KRIT among many others.

At Ryerson University he received the Ryerson Gold Medal, awarded for outstanding academic achievements and contributions to student life during his Masters of Science in Management (MScM) studies at Ted Rogers School of Management. Furthermore he volunteered with MScM peer mentorship program.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Friedman has received many honors and awards for his academic efforts. In 2009, he received the Ryerson University Gold Medal – its highest accolade recognizing students who excel both academically and in contributing positively to the community.

Noah was an active participant in the Film and Television Studies program during college, producing several short films including an homage to Dziga Vertov’s Man with the Movie Camera. Additionally, in 2014 he won part of a team who received the John Jay Scholarship Award.

Rapids Records was formed as an independent record label and distribution company in 2017. Their first signing was Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan; since then they have signed other artists such as Gutta 100 from Georgia and MaxThaDemon from Brooklyn.

Personal Life

Noah Friedman has an avid passion for creating bridges between China and the rest of the world. Having lived and studied Chinese for sixteen years in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School and Bachelor’s Degree in East Asian Studies from Yale University he holds both titles with distinction.

He participated in Maulvi Cachalia’s 1952 Liliesleaf campaign of civil disobedience and organised 19 people to defy six unjust laws. For this, he was initially banned; later however he began studying an LLB at Witwatersrand but never completed it.

Noah produced several short films during college, such as an homage to Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera and also participated in Werner Herzog’s challenge for groups of three or more film students to transform footage sent by Herzog into short films.

Net Worth

Noah is part of the Wall Street Journal YouTube team and has worked on videos for Business Insider, Morning Brew and VICE News. Additionally, he freelances as a photo and video journalist covering Latin American stories for The New York Times, Der Spiegel Paris Match Time Magazine as well as other publications.

He is passionate about connecting China and the rest of the world, having lived in Shanghai for 16 years. Additionally, he is an experienced investor, entrepreneur and brand advisor.

Noah is diagnosed as bipolar and takes medication, yet when he encounters a shaman who tells him of Hadassah’s presence around him from 1918, he accesses spiritual realm to correct a wrong from then. Furthermore, Duschene International plans on buying out his mother’s business.

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