Noah Kamba

Noah Kamba

Early Life and Education

Noah Kamba won’t become Ja Morant, but he will certainly be an outstanding point guard. On Sunday he showed great quickness and burst while also showing adept floor generalship with tight handles and precision in pick and roll reads.

Kamba attended Dexter Southfield and played under Coach George Wright-Easy who built their program from local powerhouse to NEPSAC championship status. Jordan Mason, Charles Coleman Jr and Tayler Mattos all signed with top programs while receiving an excellent prep school education that has fostered thoughtful intellectuals with leadership potential. Furthermore, Wright-Easy ran WrightWay Skills summer camp which showcased talents like Noah Kamba; additionally he used an innovative training approach when developing elite athletes.

Professional Career

Noah Kamba, a six-foot two point guard from Saint Peter’s Peacocks in NCAA, is a versatile point guard characterized by excellent speed and quickness as well as good control of the ball for a freshman, an adept pull-up game, and increasingly dangerous range from beyond the three-point line.

He was an integral member of Dexter Southfield under Coach George Wright-Easy, scoring 1,749 career points and becoming an integral force on Cohasset’s 2017-18 squad, scoring 20+ points 13 times while leading them to a 17-7 record.

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Achievement and Honors

Noah Kamba is an exceptional gym rat with an unwavering work-ethic. This dedication has allowed him to transform his physique while developing an impressive set of skills. Naturally quick with one of New England’s tightest handles and capable of breaking his opponent down off-dribble and entering the paint on demand.

Kamba has been the driving force of his teams’ successes at Dexter Southfield and WrightWay Skills without feeling pressured into playing on sneaker circuits or succumbing to social media hype machine that surrounds prep stars. Kamba recently committed to Murray State with their long basketball tradition and passionate local fan base close to his home state of Kentucky – an ideal fit for someone of such high character as Kamba.

Personal Life

Kamba stands out as having both high character and an exceptional work ethic, refusing to take short cuts and rely on his natural gifts alone to reach the next level. An indefatigable competitor and tireless worker, his talent and work ethic combine in such a powerful combination that many admire him.

Never once has Dexter considered leaving for another local prep powerhouse or considered playing on the sneaker circuit. Nor did he post pictures with numerous D1 logos surrounding him to curry favor with fans; nor set an announcement date to bring attention to himself.

Noah Kamba may not become Ja Morant’s successor, but he’s an excellent point guard with an extraordinary set of skills and a commendable character attitude.

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