Noah Landfield

Contemporary American Painter – Noah Landfield

Noah Landfield’s paintings explore the clash between human-made urban structures and forces of nature while simultaneously showing their ability to coexist peacefully. His images feature atmospheric washes of color which shimmer with vibrancy.

Findlay Galleries will present Ephemeral Cities, an exhibition by contemporary abstract painter Noah Landfield that includes 31 paintings that explore themes such as energy and creation versus destruction.

Early Life and Education

Landfield was born into a family of painters in New York City at a time when Tribeca still boasted commercial lofts and artists’ apartments, providing him with ample inspiration to begin painting at an early age.

His paintings depict the juxtaposition between man-made urban environments and natural forces, depicting their attempt at coexisting. His impressionistic renderings of metropolitan architecture take their cue from his travels through Japan’s compact urban environment and Rome where he found comfort in its warmth of colors and centuries old architecture.

This exhibition serves as an emotional retrospective. A nod to what once was, and an affirmation of what will soon come.

Professional Career

Noah Landfield earned his MFA at Hunter College in New York City and has exhibited widely across galleries on the East Coast since. His paintings showcase impressionistic overlays on metropolitan architecture renderings with vibrant color.

Noah is the son and grandson of two painters; as such he grew up in Tribeca when it still featured commercial lofts, artists’ residences, and artists as opposed to expensive boutiques and families out for a stroll. This early exposure shaped how he depicts urban landscapes; reflecting their often volatile qualities through abstract foundational cloudbursts as seen in many of his paintings; this inspiration stemmed from a lifetime fascination with volcanic activity.

Findlay Galleries presents Ephemeral Cities, an exhibition by American abstract painter Noah Landfield that challenges our perception through its intricate compositions and alluring imagery.

Achievement and Honors

Noah Landfield is a contemporary American painter born and raised in New York City. As both his son and grandson were artists, it came naturally for him to follow in their footsteps and create work reflecting metropolitan life with paintings that capture tension between human-made urban structures and forces of nature – their coexistance despite this, as evidenced by ghostly images that utilize impressionistic overlays of metropolitan architectural renderings to depict this tension between these elements.

The artist’s works are marked by delicate hues that vibrate delicately against atmospheric washes of color, combining abstract power with realist precision. Exhibited in galleries across East Coast and abroad; won several awards such as Joan Mitchell Foundation Award for Painters and Sculptors as well as Tony Smith Award.

Personal Life

Noah Landfield was raised in New York City as the son and grandson of painters. At that time, Tribeca still offered plenty of artists’ lofts that provided him with ample inspiration as an emerging artist.

His impressionistic architectural renderings reflect both his reaction to urban environments in general as well as travels he has taken to Tokyo, Rome and Florence where the warm colors and light combine with centuries of architecture.

His ghostly images encapsulate the tension between urban structures and nature’s forces, such as storm surges or earthquakes, while showing their ability to coexist peacefully. His technique of combining fine detail with broad sweeps of near abstraction produced vibrant colors – which helped save seven of his best paintings from Hurricane Sandy destruction.

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