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Only Murders in the Building (Movie Review)

The new mystery comedy-drama series Only Murders in the Building premiered on Hulu in August of 2021. Starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, the show centers on three strangers with a shared interest in true crime podcasts who find themselves investigating a murder in their building. After a first killer is found, more scrutiny is placed on the sleuthing trio. As they continue to investigate, they are aided by their fellow Arconiacs.

Charles Haden-Savage is a one-time television star. He is a lonely guy and a fan of the popular Serial-like show. When he gets a call from a friend, he asks for the help of his friend, Oliver Putnam. However, he discovers that the two are more than friends. This annoys his friend. In order to convince his friend to stay on the investigation, he finds a new lead. His friend offers him a hefty sum of money.

Meanwhile, Mabel Mora is renovating her wealthy aunt’s apartment. Her mother doesn’t want her to get involved in the murder investigation. But she still wants to help out her friend. So, when her boyfriend, Tim, is murdered, she is tasked with solving the case. Luckily, the detectives are on the case. They begin to investigate the death, and uncover evidence that makes them suspect the Dimases.

It is believed that Tim was poisoned. However, he planned to use the green ring Zoe gave him when she died as evidence. Oliver, Charles, and Mabel soon discover that the ring was already in Tim’s possession when he was killed. Seeing this, they decide to follow the ring to its original owner. However, the Dimases are not in the building when Tim was killed. At the same time, Charles discovers a warning note on Tim’s phone that reads, “I’M WATCHING YOU.”

After finding out that Mabel was in a relationship with Tim, Charles and Oliver realize that they are not the only ones who are suspicious. One of the other Arconiacs, Mabel, has an idea that Tim had a secret girlfriend. She is also reluctant to share her suspicions about the murder with her family. But she does give her boyfriend, Teddy, an opportunity to explain her connection to Tim. Eventually, they are able to convince her to join the investigation.

The Only Murders in the Building season 2 finale, which aired on June 29, is filled with twists and turns. It was originally thought that Tim’s detective, Michael Rapoport, was a red herring in the case. Instead, his character was revealed to be a cold-blooded murderer.

Only Murders in the Building has received critical acclaim for its comedic take on crime fiction. Featuring an impressive cast of actors and guest stars, including Amy Ryan, Sting, and Shirley MacLaine, the series has made a name for itself on Hulu. For more on Only Murders in the Building, visit the official website. You can also stream the entire series on Hulu.

While there are some flaws with Only Murders in the Building, the show still has some fun moments. The characters are well-drawn, the performances are good, and the series is definitely worth checking out.

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