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The Olive Cellar

The Olive Cellar offers an expansive selection of premium infused olive oils and balsamic vinegars from around the globe – both Northern and Southern Hemispheres!

Romain Piro and Daniele Lepori may not seem like people you would expect to lead an olive oil revolution, but their passion for quality makes them stand out. Knowing how dark temperatures reduce rancidity, fermentation, oxidation and other defects that compromise oil quality has driven their revolution forward.

Early Life and Education

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Over the past decade, underwater wine cellars have become an increasingly popular trend, but Plastic was looking for an unconventional approach to aging olive oil underwater. He decided to try his experiment since darkness and temperature are both proven ways of protecting wine quality – so surely they would work similarly for his olives?

He successfully aged his oil, winning him and Dolina Maslina the gold award at one of the world’s most renowned olive oil competitions. Next year he plans to further improve it.

Professional Career

Olive oil should be stored in dark conditions to preserve its flavor and freshness, keeping it away from sunlight which can alter its hue and cause discoloration. If you don’t have access to a cellar, an airtight kitchen cabinet with cool temperatures and dark corners could serve just as effectively for olive oil storage.

Corto olive oils emphasize freshness from the outset, selecting olives at their ripest moment to keep flavors vibrant and avoid oxidization. With an array of robust to delicate varieties on offer, there is sure to be something suitable for every palate at Corto.

This gorgeous olive wood salt cellar from Tunisia comes equipped with an attractive pivoting magnetic lid and opens into two sections for convenient cleaning. Made of nonporous and odor-resistant material, making this piece easy to care for and maintain.

Achievement and Honors

Carrilho sees conserving old trees and local varieties as more than simply being loyal to cultural traditions; for him, protecting diverse olive varieties and considering planting density as essential parts of his approach to combatting climate change.

At the 2023 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, he won three Gold Awards for monovarietals: an organic medium Frantoio; an organic robust Coratina; and GranFruttato, a robust blend. These were among the highest honors at this competition; no other Dalmatian olive oils received such honors.

The Olive Cellar offers premium extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars from Wisconsin and Italy, along with olives, pasta sauces and other food products. Their Neenah location will close this month; their Appleton location will remain open.

Personal Life

Store olive oil properly to avoid spoilage. Avoid direct light and place in a cool, dark space such as a cellar or spare cabinet for best results.

Veronica Foods provides an impressive array of olive oils from all around the world, such as meyer lemon, herb de provence and extra virgin varieties from Australia, Chile, Argentina, California France Greece Italy Morocco Spain Turkey

Plastic created this revolutionary cellar because he knew darkness and temperature control would aid his extra virgin olive oil’s preservation. His experiment is unique to Croatia; furthermore, there’s even an aging chart available so customers can assess how long their bottle will remain edible.

Net Worth

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Skyler’s olive oil is winterized, or chilled and filtered, to prevent it from solidifying on cold shelves in winter and also explain why its cost is so steep.

Skyler credits word-of-mouth referrals, old-fashioned hustle, and their superior product with taking their business from zero to six figures within two years. She and Giuseppe are changing perceptions of olive oil with each bottle they sell and have even sold to some high net-worth individuals.

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