Olive Crossing

Olive Crossing, Lamar Johnson Collaborative, and The Clover Apartments

At an important corner of the Central Corridor, this 14.8-acre development features an exciting use mix that includes offices, retail, restaurants and services – as well as an 181-unit apartment community designed by Lamar Johnson Collaborative to complete it all.

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Early Life and Education

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Achievement and Honors

Olive Crossing by JEMA is an elegant new office and retail landmark at the intersection of Olive Boulevard and Highway 170, featuring an elegant limestone base floor that gracefully bends and folds in response to its site, optimizing views and natural light while accommodating flexible amenity spaces that can meet tenants’ needs. A dramatic metal facade reflects light to create shadow, depth and texture. A ground-floor restaurant, rooftop terraces and structured parking add further appeal.

Personal Life

Olive Crossing’s residential component, The Clover, offers an exceptional living experience through 181 multifamily units. Each apartment home is luxuriously appointed with open floor plans and the latest appliance technologies – plus work-from-home capabilities – providing residents with convenient walkability to Olive Crossing retail stores, hotels and workplaces, Ladue schools and Centennial Greenway.

An airy limestone base floor anchors the airy glass levels above, creating an architectural masterpiece with flexible folding and bending that responds to its site. Vertical metal fins create captivating shadows, depth and texture as they shade and control solar gain in the facade. A sophisticated brand identity, designed by HOK, conveys luxury, community and sustainability which complements the physical design – the Clover is part of a larger project comprising 160 rooms under dual brand Marriott Courtyard and Element hotels as well as 180,000 square feet of office space.

Net Worth

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