Olive Nicoise

Olive Nicoise

Olive Nicoise is one of the most beloved salads in France, frequently composed of tuna, eggs and croutons.

Salade Nicoise features olives from Provence in southern France that have been brine-cured. These olives form one of the main components in this dish.

Early Life and Education

Harvesters need to revisit olive trees throughout the year in order to pick them when they reach optimum ripeness, with those being grown for oil production being picked at specific ripening points in order to produce high-quality oil products.

Franciscan monks introduced olive trees to Mexico during the early 1700s, then slowly spread them north through 21 mission gardens to California where there are now over 300,000 acres of olives planted there.

Nicoise olives are small black olives with a low flesh-to-pit ratio that are frequently found in salads, tapenades and other dishes. They are the key component in Salade Nicoise from Nice on France’s Riviera seaside city.

Professional Career

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Nicoise olives are small yet packed with bold flavors, grown in Southeastern Provence in France. Twice each year, men and women gather under olive trees to harvest this prized fruit by hand – traditionally eaten at sunset with a glass of Pastis! We offer both unpitted and pitted Nicoise olives.

Auguste Escoffier deviated from Jacques Medecin’s original Salade Nicoise recipe by adding cooked haricots and potatoes, yet we believe Medecin’s original approach remains superior when making salade nicoise.

Achievement and Honors

Olive Nicoise made history at this year’s NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition by being one of only two Greek companies to win two Gold Awards: Omphacium made with robust Olympia blends and Mythocia Chef’s Exclusive made with medium Olympia blends respectively.

Nicoise salad recipes often call for Kalamata olives, but their taste and texture don’t match those found on Cote d’Azur – black olives from this region provide both flavor and texture ideal for this classic salad.

These miniature dark olives are preserved with a salt brine solution for an intensely delicious, fruity and nutty flavor that pairs beautifully with sharp Parmigiano-Reggiano or piquant aged blue cheeses.

Personal Life

Olive Nicoise, originally from Nice, France is a classic salad featuring black olives, tomatoes, lettuce, boiled potatoes, garlic oil and vinegar dressing and is often served alongside grilled fish or other proteins as an accompaniment. Olive Nicoise can also be found at many restaurants and cafes as a popular side dish option.

Purists argue that only certain ingredients should be present in an authentic Salade Nicoise: fresh tuna, quartered artichokes, cooked green beans and boiled potatoes with chives, parsley, chervil and tarragon as garnish. They frown upon adding romaine or vinaigrette for this classic salad dish.

Our unpitted black French olives make the perfect addition to a cheese board or any savory salad, and make an excellent base for creating tapenade. Sourced directly from Provence in France.

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Nicoise olives are brine-cured to give them their characteristic strong, savory taste, making them a staple in salads, tapenades and pizzas alike. You can even snack on them as an afterschool treat! Their distinct savory taste comes from natural components including bitter, sour and oily notes while their texture also contains subtler elements of nutty winey and licorice notes that contribute to their unique savory character.

The Nicoise Salad is a French dish that showcases all of the Mediterranean’s culinary wonders in one satisfying package. A combination of Provencal, Italian, Greek, North African cuisines; fresh vegetables, fish and plenty of olive oil come together with herbs such as rosemary, chives or herbes de Provence for extra flavor – the ideal meal to accompany with wine!

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