Olive Swaddle

Olive Swaddle Blanket

A good swaddle can help babies feel snug and safe, helping them drift off quickly to sleep. Furthermore, its tight wrap can prevent their arms from flapping around and startling them awake at any given moment.

When shopping for baby swaddle blankets, look for ones made with skin-safe materials and that offer versatility and functionality. Ollie Swaddle Blanket stands out with its interior Velcro panel and compression pouch which makes it more difficult for babies to break out than other blankets.

Early Life and Education

Swaddling has been reported in various communities to encourage development of arms and legs, prevent bad odors from sweating, and help protect children against various disorders during childhood (Abuidhail, 2014). Furthermore, it helps straighten legs and arms, bring warmth, and promote longer sleep periods (Abuidhail).

The olive solid swaddle is designed from soft fabric that keeps babies warm and cozy, designed to ensure they cannot kick or roll out of it, with adjustable velcro patches and elastic tie that fit even tiny babies perfectly. Breathable pores keep air flowing through, helping prevent overheating as well. However, it’s important to stop swaddling as soon as a child begins rolling over to avoid risks like blanket suffocation.

Personal Life

This olive green muslin swaddle blanket was created with parents and babies in mind. Super soft yet breathable material makes this an excellent option for newborns, infants and toddlers. Furthermore, its large 47”x 47” size makes it suitable as both a swaddle blanket, receiving blanket or car seat cover!

Hindi Zeidman designed the Ollie Swaddle after she became foster mother to an overly fussy baby who refused to eat or sleep. Swaddling helped soothe him; she tried using different blankets but they all broke easily, prompting her to consult pediatric neurodevelopment expert Kiti Randall before creating her own swaddle blanket – now an incredible success that even earned them approval by hip dysplasia institute!

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