Oliver Granger

Oliver Granger

Oliver Granger was an enthusiastic adherent to Joseph Smith and the Mormon movement in Kirtland, Ohio, helping settle affairs related to Church members there and working on building its temple.

Oliver Granger provides an important reminder that sacrifice is more valued than success in our society.

Early Life and Education

Oliver lives in a workhouse in 1830s England, where his life is dominated by Mr. Bumble and Widow Corney who are embarrassed when Oliver asks for more gruel at meal times (“Food, Glorious Food”).

Sowerberry purchases Oliver and trains him as an undertaker apprentice, but when fellow trainee Noah Claypole insulted Oliver’s mother, Oliver responded violently and earned Sowerberry’s displeasure – leading him to flee at dawn toward London in search of freedom.

At an outlying house outside the city, Oliver encounters Fagin, an established criminal who employs orphan boys as pickpockets for him. After Oliver steals an elderly gentleman’s handkerchief and takes it from him without permission, the elderly gentleman chases after them revealing that his daughter has passed away; Fagin and Bill Sikes attempt to capture Oliver; however Nancy intervenes before they succeed in taking Oliver away from them.

Professional Career

Ms. Carr hails from Northern California and attended Brigham Young University where she studied Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science. As a proud Granger Lancer she enjoys working with students. When not teaching she enjoys playing soccer, watching sports, trying new foods, and spending time with family.

Mr. Pace has been teaching for 19 years at Timpview High School, West Lake STEM Junior High, and Granger High Schools. He holds both a Bachelor’s of Business Communication and Master’s of Education degrees; furthermore, he’s part of the Navajo Nation and loves sharing its culture with Granger students.

Ms. Chavez has been teaching in Granite District since 2009 and enjoys being part of our amazing Granger family and working with our incredible students. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, biking and skiing with her husband and children.

Achievement and Honors

The world judges people based solely on results; but God sees all your efforts and sacrifices and knows they are more precious to him than your gains (D&C 117:13).

Oliver Granger became financial agent for the Church after Joseph Smith had left Kirtland, and worked to settle its substantial debts. Additionally, he served on Kirtland High Council and completed three full-time missions.

Kirtand was devastated by a great flood in 1841, with many local townspeople attending his funeral service at Kirtland North Cemetery near Kirtland Temple to uphold God’s promise that his name should always remain sacredly remembered.

Personal Life

Oliver Granger was one of the leading figures of the Latter Day Saint movement, moving his family from New York to Kirtland, Ohio, where he served on both the high council and temple construction teams as well as purchasing land on behalf of the Church and acting as Joseph Smith’s agent to clear debts and settle other Church affairs. Oliver died aged 47.

He was laid to rest at Kirtland North Cemetery near Kirtland Temple, his headstone small and worn down with age – its stonemason failed to carefully carve the word “Granger”, nearly leaving off the last letter r.

Board members interviewed were concerned about Jay’s hiring. They worried he may abuse his position to gain political advantage or exploit Oliver to open up legal risks for the water district.

Net Worth

On a May episode of The View, Granger clashed with Joy behar and Sunny Hostin over several topics such as Biden’s amended COVID response and critical race theory – sparking much criticism among her co-hosts. Her remarks caused stir in social media.

Board members interviewed stated their displeasure at Jay’s hiring in the midst of efforts to update water district policies, especially one change which would have prevented Oliver from cashing out vacation time earned while overseeing Panther Island/Central City Flood Control project while his mother applied for federal funding for it.

Henry Shipley and Gina Sykes are his parents; Kynsley and Kolysen, two daughters from their union, live with him in Fort Worth. Although his yearly salary remains undetermined, his estimated net worth stands at approximately $1 Million.

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