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MLG Law Group, Oliver Moussazadeh, Alex Moussazadeh, Revilo Realty, Inc., and Tower Capital As Defendants

On March 22, 2021, Alexa Brown filed this suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court against MLG Law Group, Oliver Moussazadeh, Alex Moussazadeh, Revilo Realty and Tower Capital as defendants.

The defendants filed demurrers to the third, sixth and seventh causes of action filed by their plaintiffs, which the court upheld.

Personal Life

Mazgani alleges in her opening brief that Oliver Moussazadeh “stole an extra commission from [Mazgani’s nephew who negotiated sale] that was eventually paid out by plaintiff/appellant.” But this alleged bonus commission was neither raised in nor relevant to our review of the order upholding Moussazadeh defendants’ demurrers; hence we vacate this order upholding their demurrers.”. Docket No: AF01-2831 was filed by Alexa Brown against Oliver Moussazadeh and Alexander Moussazadeh of Revilo Realty Inc, Revilo Realty Incorp and Revilo Realty Incorporate. Presided over by Judge Douglas W Stern.

Net Worth

Oliver Moussazadeh has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million. A highly respected real estate broker with over two decades in the business, he currently holds the position of CEO at Revilo Realty – a full service firm which has recorded record results for clients. Additionally, Oliver serves as businessman and investor. Recently in 2018, Oliver filed a suit against Greene Randy alleging breach of fiduciary duty and constructive fraud.

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