Oliver OC6

Oliver OC6 Row Crop – Lowered Price!

The Oliver OC-6 was manufactured by the Oliver Corporation in 1954 as a diesel crawler capable of pulling 3-14 inch plows. Equipped with a six cylinder engine and six forward speeds, this tractor was based on the Oliver 77 tractor. **LOWERED PRICE*** 1960 Oliver OC6 Row Crop Tractor with live hydraulic, PTO, fully restored including track pins and bushings!

Early Life and Education

Bill began working at his family’s Cletrac tractor dealership in Stockton, California; which eventually expanded nationwide. Bill quickly earned recognition as an extremely gifted mechanical person due to his exceptional skills at repairing and rebuilding crawler tractors. Oliver later purchased Cletrac Company and changed it into Oliver Corporation; after this in 1956 the OC-3 evolved into the OC-4 with more industrial styling and featuring three-cylinder Hercules engines; this production model continued up until 1962 at Charles City Iowa crawler production plant.

Professional Career

He is an expert in his field and has had a fruitful career. He has put in hard work to hone his abilities. Additionally, he’s an engaging storyteller.

Grammar-wise, “professional career” is correct; however, I prefer using “profession.” It is shorter and clunker less, both qualities that I always try to minimize in my writing.

He has written many books during his professional career and spoken at numerous conferences and venues.

Achievement and Honors

Buckeye Oliver Collectors President Larry Riley presented the Smith family with a plaque for hosting this year’s Spring Picnic, providing club members an opportunity to get together and have an enjoyable social event together. Buckeye Oliver Collectors wishes to express its thanks to all who participated and look forward to meeting all at Norwalk next year!

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Net Worth

Oliver Velez currently boasts an estimated net worth of $15 Million thanks to his trading career and educational DVDs such as Swing Trading 2000, Simple Tactics to Trade the Open Like a Boss 2007 Micro Trading Tactics 2013 and Options Trading Bundle 2013. These DVDs have proven extremely popular among traders.

Oliver Corporation acquired Cleveland Tractor Company (Cletrac) in 1944 and continued production of Cletrac tractors until 1951, along with graders, forklifts, road rollers and crawler tractors.

Oliver also produced and marketed its own brand of oil. Their product lineup included the groundbreaking Oliver OC-3 crawler tractor running on rubber tracks, and eventually it became the standard in crawler tractors.

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