Oliver Wagner

Oliver Wagner

Oliver Wagner is an Australian artist based out of Sydney who has participated in both local and international group shows such as the 2021 Tarra Warra Biennial and 2018 Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize at National Art School Gallery Sydney.

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Early Life and Education

Oliver Wagner is a medical doctor by training, with over three decades of international professional experience in healthcare services. He has held leadership roles at different hospital groups throughout Europe. Today, his focus lies within strategic leadership and consulting for Telehealth-digital transformation projects as well as M&A transactions or change management projects.

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Professional Career

Oliver Wagner explores issues of labour, skill and chance through an expanded form of painting that involves pulverising house paint into dust which he then applies onto linen compositions for both permanent and ephemeral art projects. This work has been featured by MutualArt and The New York Times among others.

Korn Ferry Senior Partner David Klingler serves both its CEO and Board Services practice, as well as Assessment and Succession practice, providing advice to CEOs across many industries on strategy, culture and leadership development.

David also writes and lectures extensively on arts topics, appearing in a range of television programs and films as an expert commentator. Additionally, he is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Art.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Wagner has earned numerous honors throughout his career. Notably, he was recognized with two major awards by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation: 2021 Packard Fellow for Science and Engineering as well as receiving the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Communications Society Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement Award.

He is well-versed in both the public and private sectors. He has extensive experience addressing land use matters, insurance coverage/bad faith litigation matters and white collar criminal defense litigation matters.

He is an expert in international business and consulting. He has worked as a consultant to several major multinational corporations and held positions at different management levels; guest speaking at universities and seminars across Germany, Switzerland and Australia as well as writing numerous articles on topics pertaining to business and law.

Personal Life

Oliver Wagner has had a long and successful acting career. He has appeared in multiple TV shows and movies, such as NCIS series.

Wagner examines issues of labor, skill, chance and volatility through an experimental form of painting that he has pioneered involving house paint pulverisation into dust before applying it to both permanent and transient compositions on linen substrates.

He has shown his work in galleries throughout Australia and Switzerland, including Sarah Cottier Gallery. It has also been included in publications like MutualArt’s artist press archive 25 Artists Create Works Exploring Slowness and Elasticity of Time from March 2021. Additionally, Graham Lodge 20 AF&AM recognizes him for his contributions to community life via board memberships and foundations he serves.

Net Worth

Wagner is an extremely wealthy individual who has produced multiple successful movies. Additionally, he is an acclaimed author with multiple books under his name that have earned numerous awards and distinctions for him.

Wagner boasts a net worth of $50 Million. His filmography includes White Dwarf and I’m Losing You; additionally, he has written both novels and screenplays.

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He thanked Oliver for providing free publicity and encouraged viewers to sign his campaign at 100 East Ridge Road Ridgefield CT 06877. His mailing address can also be found there.

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