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Faith Meets Clay Oliver, Head Farmer at Oliver’s Farm

Faith sat down with Clay Oliver, head farmer at their family-owned farm, to learn more about their award-winning cold-pressed sunflower and pecan oil that can be used on everything from steak to salads.

In 1903, several drill manufacturers joined together to form the American Seeding Machine Company, later known as Oliver. White Motors eventually acquired both Oliver Corporation (which included Cletrac) and White Motors’ Cletrac product lines.

Early Life and Education

Oliver knew at an early age that farming was what he wanted to pursue and even informed his mother of this aspiration. With an eye for opportunities and the knowledge necessary for success, Oliver has excelled as a farmer since.

In the early 1900s, Oliver Company developed and manufactured both Red River Special threshing machines and an entire line of combines first created by Nichols and Shepard. As one of the leading agricultural equipment providers prior to merging with other firms in 1929, Oliver Company led this market segment until then.

The Lewis Oliver Farm Sanctuary in Northport is a 100% volunteer run vegan sanctuary that takes in unwanted or rescued farm animals. As an independent non-profit, its funding comes solely through donations.

Professional Career

Oliver, famous for his criticism of mainstream media outlets, is also an active supporter of progressive causes. He has led campaigns in support of net neutrality and helped push back against police civil forfeiture.

Oliver remains controversial today for many reasons. He has often been accused of racism; however, this claim has always been refuted by him.

Huggard chose Lone Tree because of its proximity to downtown Denver and high concentration of working professionals who stop in for lunch or dinner, in a shopping center anchored by a supermarket. Later this year he plans on opening another Blue Island at Cherry Creek mall while expanding Oliver’s to other parts of Colorado.

Achievement and Honors

Kliewer notes that since the pandemic began, family visits have doubled or even tripled to this Historical Society site.

This park also includes a pavilion and garden to recognize Peter Oliver, an enslaved man who acquired his freedom through purchase and went on to purchase land in Winston-Salem. This space serves as an integral component of community engagement as it activates Winston-Salem’s Strollway which connects directly with downtown Winston-Salem.

Chef Jamie Oliver will host a two-part Christmas special on Channel 4, following him around Europe and North Africa while cooking local cuisines. It is intended to be a sequel to Jamie’s American Road Trip series of programs.

Personal Life

Oliver is an animal enthusiast and deeply passionate about agriculture. Since 1998 he has been involved with livestock production; currently serving as Tosh Pork’s Swine Production and Feed Director.

He and his family live on a farm in Gleason, Tennessee and share his vision for agriculture’s potential in shaping our future.

John and two of his siblings wrote letters home excitedly describing life in America, prompting James and his family to move to LaGrange County in 1834, stopping first at Alloway Township before purchasing land; their journey took 21 days during which time they subsisted on oatmeal and brown bread for sustenance.

Net Worth

Olivier Gourdon is an esteemed chef, restaurateur, author of cookery books and media personality. He has made frequent appearances on food- and cooking-related programs to provide expert advice or serve as judge.

With World War I underway and sales shifted away from profits to fundraising efforts for war efforts, James Oliver enlisted J.D. Oliver’s assistance as fundraiser across California to hold fundraisers across his father’s state of Oregon.

William and Karen Oliver of King Country Farms were thrilled to win the inaugural Silver Fern Farms Plate to Pasture Awards in 2014. Their focus on sustainable best practices and dedication to producing premium venison made them stand out from their competition, showing their true passion for what they do through their product.

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