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Ortronics Jacks – Communications and A/V

Ortronics communications and A/V jacks can be found in faceplates, patch panels, and service raceway systems, providing high quality voice, data, and A/V connections with consistent look and feel. Their rear load positive latch design helps secure mounting into panels while tapered wiring towers offer secure wiring tower connections as well as an easy-to-follow universal wiring label to make termination simple.

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Ortronics Clarity 6 rear loading individual jack panels allow users to quickly configure patch panels in the field for use when installing voice, data, audio/video or any other copper structured cabling application. They’re an ideal way to do just that! These patching solutions deliver high density patching in one rack unit and utilize the latest rear load positive latch design to securely mount jacks into the panel. A universal T568A/B wiring label and tapered wiring towers make termination simple. These communications and A/V jacks feature installer-friendly lacing cap termination, center tuned Clarity patch cord for optimal performance, compatibility with Wiremold/Legrand faceplates and patch panels, Ortronics service raceways as well as Ortronics raceways for seamless integration. Available as CAT 5e, CAT 6, F-type BNCRCARCA speaker terminal or S-video versions UL listed and RoHS compliant

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Ortronics Clarity rear-loading individual jack panels offer an easy and cost-effective solution for installing quality voice, data, and A/V networks. Featuring reduced size Clarity 6E panel jacks that make them ideal for high density patch panels applications; their positive latch design secures mounting while tapered wiring towers speed termination times; in addition, these rear-loading individual jack panels feature an intuitive universal T568A/B wiring label for fast and user friendly wiring setup.

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Ortronics Tech Choice CAT-5E Keystone Jack (Blue):

A communications and A/V jack designed to fit seamlessly into faceplates, patch panels, and service raceways with positive latch design and lacing cap termination for quick installation without user confusion or delay. A universal wiring label supports both T568A and T568B wiring schemes while rear loading patch panel applications reduce installation time drastically while C6 marking on its face supports 606 designation requirements UL listed basic product warranty promises repair/replacement for five years starting from date of purchase without labor charges accruing separately on repair/replacement! UL listed basic product warranty covers repair/replacement but excludes labor charges or costs related to any labor charges involved with its repair/replacement under its basic product warranty coverage period, thus protecting users against unexpected costs associated with product repair/replacement within 5 years from date of purchase date/purchase date/excluding labor charges!

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Ortronics Clarity 6 Patch Panel Jack features rear load positive latch design to secure its mounting into a panel, with tapered wiring towers and universal T568A/B termination labels for ease of installation. Lacing cap termination reduces termination time significantly while 180 degree exit reduces termination time further; meeting Category 6 component standard and TIA Category 5e performance specifications as well as snapping into Wiremold/Legrand service raceways, patch panels and desktop outlets is supported.

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