Ot Genasis And Malaysia

OT Genasis and Malaysia

OT Genasis and Malaysia is the newest musical sensation to be born in the country. The young singer has become a popular figure among fans in the country thanks to his hit song ‘Coco’. This song, which was recorded on his solo mixtape ‘Alarm’, has become a viral sensation.

OT Genasis’ solo mixtape ‘Alarm’

OT Genasis has been making hits for some time now, and he has finally gotten around to releasing his first solo mixtape, Alarm. The album is a mix of new material and old favorites, including a few of the tracks from his previous efforts, as well as a few originals. His track “CoCo” went platinum, and “Cut It” was certified double platinum. The mixtape is a testament to his versatility. The title track is a bit underwhelming, but “Touchdown” and “Toxic” are well worth a listen.

OT Genasis isn’t just a slacker, he’s also an impressive bowler. His skills in this regard have earned him a spot on the BET Awards Weekend Takeover and the like. He also has a son to think about.

The first flurry of new music from OT Genasis came last summer with a mixtape called Coke n Butter. Earlier this year, he dropped a remix version of the same track. The track “CoCo” was also a big hit, with its inclusion on the soundtrack to the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse. The song also boasts the most impressive visual, which is a video of OT Genasis flexing in front of a luxury car. It’s one thing to flex in front of a luxury car, but doing so while standing on a piano, well, that’s quite another.

O.T. Genasis’ relationship with Malika Haqq

Throughout the past few months, speculation has been swirling about Malika Haqq’s relationship with O.T. Genasis. This relationship first started in 2017, when Malika and O.T. were spotted at sporting events. But in the following year, their relationship seemed to get a little stale. In early 2019, O.T. and Malika broke up, despite having been dating for nearly two years.

Recently, Genasis and Haqq have been spotted together again. They attended Khloe Kardashian’s baby shower and also posted photos on their Instagram accounts. Genasis recently spoke about rekindling the flame with Malika.

Genasis and Haqq are currently focusing on raising their son. The duo have both agreed to co-parent their son. Genasis has also been spotted at sporting events. They even posed with Jeezy at one event.

The two have been friends for years, but their relationship was rocky. They had a breakup in June. After the split, Malika has been mum about the reasons for their breakup. But she recently opened up about her relationship with O.T. She says that he went out with other girls, but she insists that he will always be a family member.

The pair have been spotted getting manicures together on October 26. They also posed for a photo with Lorasis and Trey Songz. They also had a family portrait posted on Malika’s Instagram account.

O.T. Genasis’ song ‘Coco’ became a viral sensation

Having just released his new track “Touchdown”, Long Beach’s very own O.T. Genasis is back in the trenches after a brief hiatus. His latest track is a collaboration with fellow Gucci Mane affiliate Young Dolph and is a definite contender in the club-worthy track count category.

Genasis was signed by 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records back in 2011 after releasing a song called “Jackie Chan”. This track made the grade with moderate fanfare. However, Genasis was not quite able to replicate the success of his first LP, “Do It,” which spawned several mixtapes, including the aptly titled “Black Belt” and “Rhythm and Bricks”.

Genasis has a knack for the witty. His song “CoCo” has accumulated over 50 million views on YouTube in just under three months. His performance of the song has been captured on video on several occasions. He has even been known to perform the song up to fourteen times in one club or venue.

Genasis is also the proud owner of a Ferrari. This is probably the reason the song has managed to notch up over 11 million YouTube views. He has also been making the rounds with major label execs, including a high-profile meeting with 50 Cent last year. Having toured with 50 and the Black Eyed Peas in the past, Genasis is no stranger to the limelight.

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