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The Revealed – A Conversation With Pastor Daniel

Pastor Daniel is an esteemed minister renowned for transforming many lives through his impressive ministry and strong family foundation. Additionally, he has become a sought-after speaker at numerous conferences.

He currently oversees RCCG Living Seed Church Ikorodu on Sunday afternoons, as well as being the founder and principal of Flaming College, which offers mentorship services that assist people in discovering their purpose in life.

Early Life and Education

Pastor Daniel was raised in church and has spent much of his adult life serving as pastor. At 15, he began traveling as part of Child Evangelism Fellowship as a summer missionary sharing Jesus Christ’s love for children in Whittier area communities.

Since he began his ministry and educational work, he has been involved with multiple ministries and educational programs. An expert in Christian leadership and education, he has served as an invited speaker at numerous international conferences and events worldwide.

Pastor Daniel can usually be found preaching and teaching the Bible to children at Scarlet Hollow. Additionally, his ability to talk to animals allows him to share his message within the community.

Professional Career

Pastor Daniel is an esteemed speaker and mentor in the Christian community, known for helping young men and women realize their full potential through purpose, clarity, and design. His message has reached millions worldwide.

P Daniel is the founder of Nations Church and CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp, both located in Orlando, Florida. Additionally, he leads an active congregation with whom he shares revolutionary teachings that have had an immense positive impact. His revolutionary preaching style has changed lives worldwide.

He possesses an uncommon anointing that resonates powerfully in this end-time generation. A passionate speaker, he hosts conferences and events frequently. Additionally, he is an avid follower of soccer superstar Lionel Messi – spending much time watching him play!

Achievement and Honors

Pastor Daniel is an internationally acclaimed evangelist who has brought tens of millions to Christ directly through massive open-air evangelistic campaigns held in some of the most dangerous and remote regions on earth. He has hosted two internationally syndicated television programs and written eight books, such as bestsellers LIVE Before You Die and Slaying Dragons.

Flaming College was established to mentor the next generation revivalists. Additionally, he serves as leader of RCCG Living Seed Church Ikorodu Lagos.

He is passionate about building churches and disciples of Jesus Christ, having assisted in training thousands of pastors worldwide. Additionally, he regularly speaks on issues surrounding Christian identity, family dynamics and social concerns.

Personal Life

Pastor Daniel is a firm advocate of servant leadership. His goal is to assist others in discovering and living out their purpose so that they may experience joy that surpasses anything on Earth.

He is a dedicated family man – his primary love lies with his wife and daughter. In addition, he’s an avid follower of soccer star Lionel Messi; watching him play whenever possible brings great pleasure.

He has become notorious for talking to animals, which many in Scarlet Hollow find unnerving and dislikable. He sports short, brown combed-over hair with a circle beard. Married to Janey, they share one daughter named Tulip and run Scarlet Hollow’s church together as well as founding Flaming College, an online learning platform designed to guide individuals toward discovering, developing and deploying their purpose in life.

Net Worth

Pastor Daniel is an inspirational preacher, author and singer dedicated to spreading change and healing across humanity. A 2018 Master of Counseling graduate from Oral Robert’s University, Pastor Daniel’s passion lies in helping individuals overcome life’s difficulties through preaching, singing and writing.

His wife is Terralynnd. The couple resides in an Abuja mansion and drive nice flashy cars. Additionally, he has children whom he keeps away from social media.

Creflo Dollar, an influential American spiritual teacher and evangelist renowned for his vast spiritual knowledge, is worth over 27 million dollars. He runs World Changers Church International as well as writing numerous books. Additionally he hosts Rod Parsley Now and Breakthrough TV programs as well as holding multiple properties across the US he founded Christians United for Israel in 1997.

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