Paulette Miltimore

Paulette Miltimore gained notoriety as the former wife of esteemed Cuban-American actor Steven Bauer. Bauer began acting professionally in 1977 and became known for his exceptional roles in movies and TV shows.

He appeared as Eladio Vuente of a drug cartel on both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, as well as retiring Mossad agent Avi Rudin on Showtime’s crime drama Ray Donovan.

Early Life and Education

Paulette Miltimore is a celebrated celebrity, best known for her role as Avi Rudin on Ray Donovan. Additionally, she has appeared on such notable series as Better Call Saul, Avenge the Crows, and Counterpunch.

Her early life and education remain relatively obscure, yet she is an accomplished actress who has appeared in many well-known movies and television shows. Additionally, she is an acclaimed author having written multiple books related to fashion and interior design.

Paulette Bauer shares two children: Alexander Bauer with her first husband and Dylan Bauer with Steven Bauer (they divorced in 2012). Since her separation, Paulette has kept a low profile; details on her personal life remain unknown, other than that she lives in the US and professes Christianity as her religion.

Professional Career

Paulette Miltimore is an esteemed American actress and model. With an exquisite physique and unparalleled acting talents, Paulette Miltimore has appeared in multiple movies and television series as an actor.

She is well known for keeping a very private life and not providing many details of her professional or personal affairs, though she was previously married to Cuban-American actor Steven Bauer.

Steven and Mary became husband and wife on December 28, 2003, but later divorced in 2012. Steven is best known for his roles as a Mossad agent on Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, and as Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena from Ray Donovan. Additionally, he has appeared in other movies and TV shows; winning Diosas de Plata awards in 2019 as well as nominations for Imagen awards in 2014. Additionally, Steven is the author of several books.

Achievement and Honors

Paulette Miltimore is the former spouse of Steven Bauer, an esteemed Cuban-American actor. Although her birth date information is currently unavailable, Paulette hails from America and practices Christianity as her religion. Furthermore, she hails from a welcoming and warm family.

Her husband started acting professionally in 1977, appearing on such shows as ‘From Here to Eternity’ (1980), ‘The Rockford Files’ (in 1978) and ‘Each Day at a Time’ in 1981. In Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, he played Eladio Vuente as drug cartel leader; for Ray Donovan he played retired Mossad agent Avi Rudin as Eladio Vuente.

Paulette has not publicly addressed her dating life since her divorce with husband Jonathan in 2012. As such, it appears she may be single for now.

Personal Life

Paulette Miltimore hails from a middle-class family. Although not active on social media or sharing much about herself personally, Paulette Miltimore is married to an actor named Steven Bauer from Cuban descent and doesn’t share much details of their personal lives either.

They married in 2003 and divorced four years later without having any children together.

Miltimore’s former husband is an award-winning actor known for his distinguished film and TV performances since beginning his career in 1977. Since then, he has made over 400 film and TV credits.

He made his PBS debut as Joe Pena in Que Pasa, USA?, the son of Cuban immigrants. Since then he has also played Don Eladio Vuente of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, and Avi Rudin from Ray Donovan.

Net Worth

Paulette Miltimore is best known as the ex-wife of famous Cuban American actor Steven Bauer. Unfortunately, her date of birth and other personal details are currently unknown to the public. An American citizen, Paulette follows Christianity as her faith; while her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Former actress Kate Bauer and former actor Patricia Hearn were married from 2003 until 2012; however, neither one of them had children together.

After her separation from the star, she became less visible to media and rarely seen within the industry.

Paulette Miltimore currently enjoys living a lavish life, enjoying all modern comforts at her fingertips. However, she prefers keeping a low profile and her love life to herself; experts estimate her net worth as being around one million US dollars.

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