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Y&R Characters – Phyllis Somer

When Phyllis crashed through the doors at Nick and Sharon’s wedding, she left everyone stunned. Following this eventful episode, she was taken to Fairview mental hospital, and eventually visited by Avery, Jack, and Summer.

At that point, she had an encounter with Marco and sensed something was off with him. Furthermore, she believed she might be related to Daisy and decided to conduct a DNA test in order to confirm this theory.

Professional Career

Phyllis first came onto Y&R as a DNA lab worker, but has held several jobs over time – journalist, model and ad designer among them. Additionally, she’s worked for Jabot Cosmetics and Newman Enterprises, had relationships with Malcolm Winters, Michael Baldwin and Jack Abbott and had affairs with Malcolm Winters, Michael Baldwin and Jack Abbott respectively. Additionally, Phyllis has often taken risks to get what she wants – whether that means breaking into Sharon’s room and ripping up her clothes or blackmailing Sasha Greene before Daniel custody case – she hasn’t hesitated taking risks to achieve what she desires.

Phyllis has always been a staunch supporter of animal rights and vegetarian. A lifelong violinist, she has played in orchestras like Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra and Chattanooga Community Orchestra; plus performing with string trios and quartets in her local area.

Personal Life

Phyllis Somer is known for her cunning and manipulation skills. Initially introduced as a groupie of rock star Danny Romalotti and claiming she gave birth to his son Daniel – sparking rivalries between Christine Blair (Lauralee Bell) and Phyllis as well as romantic relationships with Jack Abbott, Malcolm Winters and Michael Baldwin –

In 2018, Phyllis was injured in a car accident that rendered her unconscious for 13 months, with Victor trying unsuccessfully to awaken her. Later, Daisy Carter visited and told Phyllis to stick by her side despite Victor trying to get her awake again. Later still, Deacon disagreed with their relationship between Daisy and Nick and attempted to convince Deacon to admit Daisy into hospital so she can undergo DNA tests on Nick as part of his DNA analysis test protocol.

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