Pier Jacks

Pier Jacks

Pier jacks are hydraulically driven steel piers designed to support foundations that have settled. These tools are often employed in residential homes as part of foundation repair efforts.

Resistance piers (commonly referred to as screw jacks or resistance piers) are ideal for lifting sagging crawl space floor and wall joists quickly and easily – even in spaces with limited access.

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Sometimes what appears to be a foundation problem could simply be a screw jack that has worn down, making an uneven lift in lifting up a house. Only a trained professional can tell the difference.

Most foundation leveling and repair are accomplished using steel push piers, which are inserted through an attachment bracket on the footing and into load bearing soil at an appropriate depth to reach installation pressure. Reaction force provided by existing structure serves to propel push piers along their course towards their target targets.

Instead of concrete or helical piers, our system uses steel piers that are forced directly down to bedrock or equivalent load bearing strata for permanent and unvarying foundation support. It is the most efficient, cost effective, and direct solution available for settling structures – eliminating unnecessary coatings, equipment and excavation altogether – something homeowners have trusted since 1974.

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Pier jacks are often an affordable last resort solution to foundation issues for homeowners. Additionally, they can be used to repair sagging crawl spaces where moisture has compromised structural supports like joists.

Most modern pier and beam lifts use resistance push piers. Once in position, these push piers are driven into the soil using existing foundation weight combined with hydraulic pressure; when complete, synchronized hydraulic jacks raise the structure.

Piering is more intrusive and requires excavation around a foundation than slabjacking, taking longer and possibly being more costly depending on how extensive repairs need to be completed and local building codes. While slabjacking involves drilling into concrete surfaces for repairs, piering requires excavation around foundations which requires more time and may cost more depending on its scope of repair and local codes.

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Piering may cost more than slabjacking due to excavation costs and earthquake-prone regions requiring more extensive repair jobs. Furthermore, piering may also be more expensive as it’s used for stabilizing foundations while slabjacking mainly levels patios and other nonstructural concrete slabs.

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