Platinum Jacks

Platinum Jacks – An Uplifting Marijuana Strain

Platinum Jack is an indica-leaning hybrid favored for daytime use, known for its giggly and euphoric effects that provide happiness and alertness boost.

This strain boasts a rich aroma featuring citrus and sugary mint notes. A cross between Jack Herer and a sweet-phenotype of Big Skunk named Sweet Skunk, Sweet Skunk offers a smooth experience for users.

Professional Career

Platinum Jack (PJ for short) is a sativa marijuana strain with high THC levels, created through crossbreeding Jack Herer with Sweet Skunk from Big Skunk and Haze Sativa strains. It produces intense cerebral effects and has been recommended by doctors for treating Bipolar Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, PMS and ADHD/ADD/ADHD symptoms. Growing this variety requires an expansive growing space and may need pruning in order to reach lower branches with light.

Personal Life

Platinum Jack is an uplifting sativa strain with an abundance of THC content, boasting sweet lemony flavors with subtle minty fruit notes upon exhale. Known for enhancing mood and providing an uplifting experience, this strain has proven highly successful at treating chronic fatigue, stress and insomnia symptoms.

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This sativa-leaning hybrid is the result of crossing Big Skunk, Jack Herer and Haze with each other. This strain grows with extensive lateral branching that requires pruning to allow light into lower branches; flowering typically occurs between 57 days indoors and early November outdoors with high yield harvests expected.

Net Worth

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