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Daniels then returned to The News & Observer as editor-in-chief, using his editorial talents to provoke white voters’ racism while advocating against black political empowerment. Additionally, he released several memoirs of his years spent serving public office.

Early Life and Education

Josephus Daniels was born in Washington, North Carolina shortly after it seceded from the Union. Unfortunately his father was killed during the Civil War by Confederate sharpshooters; thereafter Daniels and his mother relocated to Wilson Collegiate Institute until leaving to study law at Trinity College (today known as University of North Carolina). Daniels started out his journalistic career by editing The Wilson Advance before going on to found several newspapers throughout North Carolina; also, serving in public office positions himself and writing several memoirs detailing those years is history.

He married Addie Worth Bagley, grandaughter of former Governor Jonathan Worth. Their children included Jonathan Worth Daniels – later becoming special assistant to President Franklin D. Roosevelt during WWII.

Professional Career

Starting as a furniture business to cover his tuition expenses at university, his career soon progressed into real estate development with Cadillac Fairview in Toronto; where he helped construct Eaton Centre and Erin Mills communities; then finally founding Daniels Corporation to develop vibrant communities across Canada with affordable housing.

He hosted several television series, such as three BBC quiz shows based on American games shows and children’s programme Wizbit with his puppet Sooty. He even appeared as a contestant on Penn and Teller Fool Us and got pizza stuck in his eye, leading him to visit a cottage hospital for treatment; since then he has gone on to host comedy television shows, pantomimes, authoring books and contributing philanthropically – in all it’s various forms.

Personal Life

Daniels led a quiet life at home. He enjoyed gardening and fishing as hobbies. Additionally, Daniels worked alongside his family at their funeral and furniture business located in Burlington. With their three children living there with them as a home base.

He was an early proponent of civil rights and women’s suffrage and prohibition legislation. Additionally, he promoted progressive politics and public service via his newspapers and the careers of his sons.

He was an ardent Wisconsin Badgers and Packers fan who also loved traveling. He leaves behind his wife, Cathy; brothers Edward, James, John; sisters Rosalee Jeanine Ellen Cathy; granddaughters Ryan Daniels Kisiah Morgan Daniels Kisiah Katelyn Miller Herring Ryleigh James Kisiah Mallory Blake Kisiah Gibson Ray Herring as well as many nieces nephews and friends to cherish his memory.

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