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Mary Oliver

Oliver offers legal representation and advice to Liebert Cassidy Whitmore’s public agency, education, and nonprofit clients in public employment retirement law matters such as labor negotiations. Additionally, he advises governing boards, management, and human resources teams on matters including labor negotiations, employment policies and practices, as well as public employment retirement law issues.

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Early Life and Education

Oliver attended public schools in Huntley and graduated as an exceptional student from Elgin Academy. His father served as a physician and surgeon in Huntley and was determined that Oliver receive an exceptional education.

Due to racial barriers at that time, he found it impossible to secure positions at more receptive white universities and instead enrolled at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas where he critiqued Caste Interpretation of Race Relations that was popular among American social scientists.

Oliver strives to train disadvantaged youth in culinary arts through his Fifteen Restaurant flagship statement and participate in various initiatives aimed at improving school lunch options. Additionally, he is an accomplished author and television personality known for multiple successful series he has written or hosted.

Professional Career

Oliver has distinguished herself in the sports media landscape over her extensive career. She contributed to Fox NFL Sunday coverage and co-anchored FSN South’s “Southern Sports Report.” Additionally, Oliver served as a regular reporter during each Monday Night Football game on FSN South.

Regularly representing public agency clients in labor negotiations, she also provides counsel and advice regarding employment matters such as personnel policies, the Fair Labor Standards Act, regulations of public employment retirement plans and Brown Act/Public Records Act compliance. Furthermore, she frequently trains governing bodies, managers and supervisors on these topics.

John was deeply loved and respected by his children David (Lisa), Dana Oliver of Kingston and Christy Howell and Marni Sirois of Ottawa as well as by his precious grandchildren Spencer Morgan Warren Oliver Madeline Simon Howell and Xander Sirois from Ottawa and other extended family and friends.

Achievement and Honors

At Penn State, Oliver participated in numerous service projects. He joined the World in Conversation Program and served as family relations chair of 2012 at IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon. Furthermore, Oliver traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti in order to study business incubators and backup generators at King’s Hospital.

He graduated with a 4.0 GPA and received numerous awards, such as the President’s Award for Freshmen and Ruth E. Duffy Premedicine Endowment. Following graduation, he will attend Thomas Jefferson University’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College in Philadelphia as part of their six-year accelerated premedical-medicine program.

Port Oliver opened at Barren River Lake two years ago, and recently secured federal money to make further improvements that may include picnic areas, restrooms and extra boat ramps.

Personal Life

Mary Oliver (Mary Oliver professionally) was an American poet who won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Her poems reflect her deep appreciation of nature’s impactful imagery conveyed without embellishments in language that conveys it without embellishments.

She found inspiration in long walks through nature that she took alone as part of her work, creating her signature poetics which emphasizes beauty and reverence for nature. Through poetry she sought to look beneath cultural and intellectual constructs that left us feeling alienated and self-absorbed.

Her most recent works include A Thousand Mornings (2012), Dog Songs (2013), Felicity (2015) and Upstream: Selected Essays (2016). She taught for several decades at Bennington College and enjoyed an intimate friendship with Edna St Vincent Millay who passed away.

Net Worth

Oliver is one of the most well-known children’s authors and illustrators today, writing several New York Times best sellers like “The Day the Crayons Quit, Stuck,” and This Moose Belongs to Me. Additionally, Oliver has illustrated several albums by U2 as well.

He previously held positions at Onex Investment Corporation’s New York office specializing in media and entertainment investments; Goldman Sachs & Co’s private wealth management division; and Black Mountain Partners where he now leads their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) task force.

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