Princess Marina Engagement Ring

Princess Marina’s Engagement Ring

The British Royal Family is known for its love of beautiful jewellery, and Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, the wife of the Fourth son of King George V, had a very impressive collection of jewels. After the Second World War, Princess Marina, who spoke both German and French, became a well-known painter and illustrator. She died in 1968. As a result, her family divided her jewels among her three children. This was especially true of her daughter Alexandra, who has an oval sapphire and diamond ring.

Although her son Prince Michael has inherited some of her jewelry, he has also chosen to wear his own engagement ring. His ring is similar to that of his mother, Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, who married the Duke of Kent in 1932.

Although Prince Michael has been crowned a prince, he is actually a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. He was born on the same day as Princess Marina, but the pair did not become engaged until four years later. They married in an Anglican service, and it was the first British royal wedding. On the day of their wedding, the wedding was live broadcast over the radio. Their ceremony was also performed in the Private Chapel of Buckingham Palace. It was the Greek Orthodox service, and was conducted by Germanos Strenopoulos.

Like his predecessors, Prince George spent a lot of time looking at stones. Eventually he selected Marina’s ring. For her ring, he chose a square-cut Kashmir sapphire, set in platinum. Besides this, the ring features a riviere of diamonds that were gifts to the couple by King George V.

Princess Marina’s ring had a total of 36 diamonds, which is a relatively large number. In addition, it has a riviere of diamonds, a bow brooch, a hat clip, and baguette diamonds on each shoulder. Her most important jewels, however, are her diamond girondole earrings with three hanging pear shape diamond drops. These were a gift to her from her parents.

Unlike most of the other Royals, Marina was not allowed to choose her own engagement ring. Instead, her mother, Queen Mary, handed her several pieces of jewelry, including an oblong plaque brooch, a diamond fringe tiara, a diamond fringe necklace, a diamond brooch, and a sapphire and diamond bracelet. During the ceremony, Marina wore an Edward Molyneux gown.

Several members of the British Royal Family have chosen sapphires for their engagement rings. In fact, two of them, Princess Diana and Princess Anne, chose sapphires as the center stone of their rings. While they may not be as expensive as the more famous gemstones, they have an unbroken circle of stones, which signifies the permanence of their marriage.

One of the most popular engagement rings of the last century has been a square-cut Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring. The square-cut Kashmir sapphire comes from the famous sapphire mines in Kashmir. Diamonds are placed on either side of the sapphire, and the center stone is estimated to be between 9 and 12 carats.

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