Priscilla Shirer Net Worth

Priscilla Shirer is an American author, motivational speaker, actress and Christian evangelist best known for her non-fiction works about faith as well as her live speaking engagements.

She and her husband Jerry founded Going Beyond Ministries to equip Christians through Bible study resources, books, conferences, movies and movies. She made her acting debut in 2015 in Kendrick Brothers film War Room.

Early Life and Education

As Shirer was pursuing her television career, God put on her heart the desire to use her gifts and talents for His purpose. Shirer began leading Bible study groups and women’s events while also becoming a speaker for Zig Ziglar Corporation.

She has written multiple books which have inspired millions of people around the globe to deepen their spiritual lives and strengthen their connection to Jesus Christ. Additionally, she has appeared in various faith-based movies as well as being mentor to numerous women through her ministry work.

She and her husband Jerry run Going Beyond Ministries together – a Christian-based nonprofit committed to helping others build an ethical framework rooted in biblical principles in their daily lives.

Professional Career

Priscilla Shirer has made her life’s work Christian speaking and writing; from Bible studies such as God Is Able and Discerning His Voice to Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious Prayer. She has contributed greatly to Christian communities worldwide with her testimony of Christian faith.

Throughout her career, Priscilla has helped many individuals gain strength and trust in their faith through her words and insights. Her powerful presence and captivating persona make her a highly sought-after speaker at events and conferences around the globe.

Dallas Theological Seminary has given her a deep knowledge of biblical scripture and how it applies in everyday life, which makes her a highly sought-after speaker and writer for religious audiences worldwide. Furthermore, Priscilla has appeared in multiple Christian movies such as War Room.

Achievement and Honors

Priscilla Shirer has amassed an enormous following through her work as a best-selling author, bible teacher and conference speaker. Additionally, she has made waves in Hollywood by appearing in films such as I Can Only Imagine and Overcomer.

Spiritually-empowerment message she shares has helped many strengthen their faith and trust in God. Together with her husband Jerry Shirer, she founded Going Beyond Ministries.

They collaborate to address and mentor women of all ages, encouraging them to deepen their faith and pursue a stronger relationship with God. With her dynamic speaking style and profound biblical insight, Priscilla has gained an avid following; her books such as Discerning the Voice of God and Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer have sold millions.

Personal Life

Priscilla Shirer is a well-recognized Christian author, motivational speaker, and actress. Born December 31st 1974 in Dallas Texas United States to megachurch pastor Tony Evans (her father) and Christian entertainer Anthony Evans (her brother), Priscilla graduated from University of Houston before attending Dallas Theological Seminary to gain her Master of Biblical Studies degree and co-found Going Beyond Ministries together with husband Jerry Shirer.

The couple specializes in encouraging and upholding Christians worldwide through their ministry, as well as offering Bible study tools through it. Furthermore, their best-selling books such as Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious Specific Prayer and Awaken: 90 Days with God Who Speaks have sold well as well as conducting conferences and speaking engagements that generate large income amounts for their work.

Net Worth

Priscilla Shirer is an accomplished expository Bible teacher devoted to helping others experience the uncompromising truths of Scripture through the power of the Holy Spirit. As author and teacher of numerous books and Bible studies – including Discerning the Voice of God, God Is Able, Resolution for Women Fervent & Awaken – her passion lies with helping people see these truths for themselves.

Going Beyond Ministries was founded with her husband Jerry, a former Hilton Hotels executive. They share three sons together and reside in Dallas, Texas.

Over time, her message has deepened and become more nuanced as she gained wisdom in her relationship with God. She is passionate about providing Christians with Bible study resources through LifeWay Christian Resources partnership.

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