Puddin Jack

Puddin Jack

Puddin Jacks are an achondroplastic dwarf terrier breed. These dogs possess a large chest, short legs, and large heads; therefore they’re often known by names such as English Jack Russell Terriers, Irish Jack Russell Terriers, Puddin’ Jacks or shorties.

Puddin Jack is an old English term that refers to an entertaining clown or jester who uses physical comedy and trickery to amuse an audience.

Early Life and Education

Puddin is an exceptionally intelligent and considerate girl. She enjoys learning, exploring her interests and taking an interest in everything around her. Additionally, she makes great friends easily and loves being part of her family.

She holds a deep connection to her father Dumplin and greatly admires him, wanting to follow in his footsteps as a Time Patroller. She takes after him in many ways including having large ears-holes like him; liking snacks and ice cream; choosing her outfit colors carefully; collecting swords; and having an infectious laugh.

Puddin looks up to her older step-half-nephew Mira, an adept Kaio-Ken user. However, she struggles with getting along with Flanny due to their girly-girl natures being too similar. Puddin also dislikes Future Trunks who is known to hinder her missions unwittingly and seems to dislike her even as an hero.

Net Worth

Jack Vale is an immensely popular YouTube star known for his films of practical jokes and hidden-camera pranks on Pooter Pranks channel, garnering him many followers who delight in viewing his entertaining films. Vale has become immensely wealthy from his videos as they bring him much needed revenue; thus contributing significantly towards supporting his lifestyle.

He has appeared on multiple television programs and discussion shows discussing his antics. Additionally, he is an avid basketball fan who holds courtside seats for the LA Lakers.

He has an estimated net worth of $4 Million. His wealth comes mainly from YouTube advertisements and other sources. Additionally, he owns properties in Los Angeles and Malibu as well as spending much of his wealth on luxury goods.

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