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Queenzflip – The Rapper, Entertainer, and Entrepreneur

Trevor Robinson, commonly known as Queenzflip on YouTube and Entrepreneur. He primarily uploads humorous prank videos onto his channel.

Queenzflip is also an accomplished Podcast host with millions of followers across social media channels and an ever-growing fanbase on Twitter and other platforms. However, his personal life remains undisclosed.

Early Life and Education

Queenzflip is an American rapper, entertainer, and entrepreneur best known for his comedic videos online. Beginning his journey on Vine, later transitioning over to YouTube as his videos include hilarious skits, prank calls, interactions with various people as well as his signature catchphrase “You stupid”. Queenzflip has amassed an enormous following across social media.

QueenzFlip is married and has three children. Hailing from New York, he boasts an impressive number of fans and followers across TikTok and Instagram.

Queenzflip was born on July 29, 1987 under the sign of Leo. His full name at birth was Trevor Robinson and he has American nationality with mixed ethnic roots from both his parents, Marie Delus and Trevor Sr.

Professional Career

Queenzflip has earned fame as an entertainment industry influencer through his captivating performances on Youtube, Authorship, Podcast hosting and Social media. He boasts an enormous fan base as well as an impressive net worth that continues to expand exponentially.

He launched his YouTube channel in November 2013, and since then it has amassed over 100 million combined views. His road trips for rap battles and dates with Flip have also become immensely popular on YouTube.

Queenzflip has ventured beyond his famed music career into entrepreneurship by creating his own clothing brand that expresses his distinct persona. The brand encourages individuals to embrace their individuality and express themselves freely.

Queenzflip’s life path number is 7; this suggests he is constantly exploring himself and striving to improve himself.

Achievement and Honors

Queenzflip is a multi-talented entertainer, author, podcast host and social media sensation best known for his funny prank videos on YouTube and his millions of fans across various social media platforms.

He is involved in charitable endeavors and has assisted many people. He serves as an example for others to follow by motivating them towards reaching their goals.

Flip da Script podcast provides a platform for many celebrities and influencers to share their stories through interviews, comedy sketches and thought-provoking discussions.

Queenzflip was born on 29 July 1987 under the zodiac sign of Leo in New York City and began his entertainment career with YouTube channel launch in 2013. Later that same year XXL magazine featured Queenzflip as a spotlight artist! Today he is happily married with three children.

Personal Life

Queenzflip is an extremely talented rapper, entertainer, and entrepreneur. In his personal life he prefers keeping things private but he shares an exceptional bond with both of his children – one son and one daughter.

Queenzflip’s Instagram account boasts over 560.000 followers, while his YouTube channel has amassed over 211,000 subscribers. These platforms showcase his videos of pranks and tricks, relationship advice, celebrity news reactions, interviews with special guests and special guest interviews. He has written the book Flip Da Script: The Untold Story of Trevor Robinson aka Queenzflip to document his rise to fame while detailing some of the difficulties he’s overcome along the way. Born July 29 1987 as an astrological Leo; American citizen

Net Worth

Queenzflip’s varied business ventures have allowed him to amass an impressive net worth. His YouTube channels attract many viewers and generate income via advertisements; Queenzflip himself also participates in charitable efforts in order to make an impactful difference in people’s lives.

He is a loving father to his children. He regularly features them and celebrates special moments together with them. His children include Jaheim Cooper and Princess.

Queenzflip is an engaging performer with a larger-than-life personality who draws crowds in with his humor and relatable content, such as hilarious pranks. Queenzflip has become an international phenomenon through his humorous antics and compelling narrative. Queenzflip even launched his own podcast called Flip da Script where he interviews guests and shares their stories.

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